How to Make PITA

by Alba Hdez

Easy and delicious! 😋


  • Salad
  • Cheese
  • Ham
  • Ckicken
  • Avocado
  • And... Any other you like!
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    INGREDIENTS (you can put as you want) But the PITA packs are imprescindibles 😉

    Step 2

    For eat the PITA you need to have all the ingredients you've chosen chopped. When you finish, you also can add salsas, oils, vinegars... Let's start the guide! 👉💥

    Step 3

    Cheese: You have to cut the part of the cheese that you need

    Step 4

    Don't forget to remove the cheese rind!

    Step 5

    You have to cut in parallel lines

    Step 6

    And when you made the strips of cheese, you have to do the same but horizontally

    Step 7

    Done! Finally, you put the cheese in a bowl (you have to do this with all the ingredients)

    Step 8

    Avocado: First you have to remove the bone and cut the avocado in a half. Then, to remove the skin, place the knife under the skin and pull up.

    Step 9

    And do the same as the cheese

    Step 10


    Step 11

    The same with the salad!

    Step 12

    And also you can cook peppers for give some flavor in the pita (are ideas 😜)

    Step 13

    And finally, the pita bread 🍞 You can choose between two types: normal and integral (I like more the integral ;P) You can find it in your supermarket

    Step 14

    Then, put it into a toaster

    Step 15


    Step 16

    And now you have to separate with a knife

    Step 17


    Step 18

    Let's go for dinner!

    Step 19


    Step 20


    Step 21

    And enjoy!

    Step 22

    And please follow me! Don't forget to put like! ;P