How to Make Pickled Carrots

by Becky L

I like to use this carrots to eat with my food on the side, specially with my tacos, tortas, sandwiches, etc..


  • 3 Carrots
  • 2 Garlic cloves (or more)
  • ½ Cups White vinegar
  • ½ Cups Water
  • 3 Dried bay leaves
  • 4 Peppercorns
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 Pickled jalapeño (or more if u want it spicier)
  • Container to put carrots in
  • 1 Teaspoon Oil (any kind will work)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Wash and peel your carrots, I only ended up using 3 carrots. You can always customize it to make more.

    Step 2

    Cut your carrots

    Step 3

    Cut your jalapeños, peel and minced your garlic cloves

    Step 4

    Get your bay leaves, and peppercorns

    Step 5

    Put oil on your pan

    Step 6

    When the oil is hot add your carrots, and sauté for about 2 mins on med heat.

    Step 7

    Add your garlic and sauté about 30 seconds

    Step 8

    Add vinegar, peppercorns, salt, and bay leaves. Bring to a simmer about 5 mins

    Step 9

    Then add the water, and chopped jalapeños and simmer for about 5 mins, if you like your carrots a little softer leave them a little longer. I like mine a bit a little crisp.

    Step 10

    Let cool, and put in your chosen container. Leave overnight for best results. Then they are ready to enjoy