How to Make Peter Rabbit Cake Music Box With Graphic 45

by PL Li

Rabbit, chicks and eggs ... Let's celebrate with a cutie music box for the coming Easter, together with beautiful Petaloo flowers and some decorative fruits, make it a good home decor and storage.


  • Graphic 45 Once Upon a Springtime
  • Graphic 45 Claw Feet
  • Petaloo Vintage Velvet Dogwoods Ivory
  • Chipboard
  • Music Box
  • Assorted Ribbons
  • Decorative Flowers and Fruits
  • Rabbit and Mushroom Resin
  • Dried Orange Pieces
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut chipboard 3pc 5"(W)x3"(H/D) and 3"x3" (H/D), use connecting strips to form the box.

    Step 2

    Cover the front with 6"(W)x4"(H) paper.

    Step 3

    Cover the back with 6"(W)x4"(H) paper, left half inch on the top for later step.

    Step 4

    Cover the sides with 3"(W)x4"(H) papers. Cut a strips of 1"(H)x4-7/8"(W) to cover the half inch flap at Step 3 and the box, remember to adhere well by the edge as shown.

    Step 5

    Wrap a piece of chipboard 5-1/2"(W)x3-1/2"(D) with selected paper of 6-1/2"(W)x4-1/2"(D)

    Step 6

    Adhere the cover with the box using the flap ready at Step 4.

    Step 7

    Adhere a length of ribbon by the opening.

    Step 8

    Cover the inside of the box with paper of 5"(W)x3"(H) (front, back and base). And then cover the inside of the box with paper 3"x3" (2 sides).

    Step 9

    Cut and wrap chipboard of 1pc 2-7/8"(D)x1-3/4"(H) for middle divider, 2pc 2-1/2"(W)x1-3/4"(H) for music box session drawer holder (depends), 2pc 2-1/8"(W)x1-3/4"(H) for storage session drawer holder.

    Step 10

    Adhere the dividers in place. Adhere a paper of 5-1/2"x3-1/2" to cover the inside of the opening.

    Step 11

    Make 2 chipboard drawers of 2-3/4"(D)x2"(W)x1"(H).

    Step 12

    Wrap with papers.

    Step 13

    Drill a hole for the music box.

    Step 14

    Fix the music box in place.

    Step 15

    Cut a chipboard of 5"x3" and adhere on a piece of foam with the same size.

    Step 16

    Wrap with paper, this part will be the base of the top decoration, adhere in place.

    Step 17

    Wrap ribbons to make it like a gift or a piece of cake.

    Step 18

    Decorate the top with you favorite figures and flowers.

    Step 19

    Cut out this cutie and put in between the flowers.

    Step 20

    How cute is this chick and egg.

    Step 21

    Put stickers and other decorations inside if desired.

    Step 22

    Take out the drawers and see the inside music box and storage.

    Step 23

    You can cover the music box if desire.