How to Make Pesto Spinach Alfredo

by Regine Gonzalez

These are the steps taken to create this wonderful pasta dish. Hope you enjoy!


  • Eggs
  • Flour "00"
  • Olive oil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Buy a pasta machine, rolling pin or anything that would roll a piece of dough.

    Step 2

    Some flour "00". Use regular one if you can't find this one.

    Step 3

    Wash your hands

    Step 4

    That will get you 3-4 portions.. Or less if it turns out well..

    Step 5

    Leave some in the bowl. It's better to add it later if the dough needs it. Don't worry about sifting the flour. The amount you use will also depend on the size of the eggs

    Step 6


    Step 7

    Make the well.

    Step 8

    Add the eggs

    Step 9

    A little bit of olive oil

    Step 10

    Mix mix

    Step 11

    When it's nice and creamy

    Step 12

    Get a scraper

    Step 13

    Only use your hands when necessary.

    Step 14

    Time to use your hands.

    Step 15

    Work it

    Step 16

    Make a little ball

    Step 17

    Wash your hands again

    Step 18

    If the dough is sticky.

    Step 19

    Add from the flour left in the bowl

    Step 20

    a little bit at a time

    Step 21

    Work it more

    Step 22

    Until it doesn't stick anymore

    Step 23

    Dust the plate with flour and put the dough on it

    Step 24

    Cover and let it rest for at least 30 minutes

    Step 25

    It will look like the gym with a glass door in the winter

    Step 26

    Then you know it's ready

    Step 27

    Get your machine ready... Or rolling pin.

    Step 28

    Spread the dough. If its bigger just cut in half. You want to do small batches at the time

    Step 29

    Start with the 0

    Step 30

    Roll it a couple of times

    Step 31

    If its too big cut in half

    Step 32

    Dust with a little bit of flour.

    Step 33

    Roll it.. And add numbers on the dial one by one.

    Step 34

    Add flour as needed

    Step 35

    Keep on rolling

    Step 36

    Until you think it's thin enough

    Step 37

    Slice a bit

    Step 38

    Check the thickness

    Step 39

    If its too big cut in half

    Step 40

    Dry it before cutting into shapes. If you are making ravioli you want to skip the drying part.

    Step 41

    Takes about 20 minutes to get a leathery hand feel.

    Step 42

    Put on your cutting board.

    Step 43

    Roll it

    Step 44

    Trim the dryer brittle pieces.

    Step 45

    Slice like you wish. Or you can use the pasta cutter if you want something more even.

    Step 46

    Open it

    Step 47

    Hand cut pasta

    Step 48

    Put it over parchment paper to dry a bit more

    Step 49

    Get some salted water going

    Step 50

    Mince some garlic

    Step 51

    Sizzle it with some olive oil

    Step 52

    Pour over a bowl

    Step 53

    With some salt and parmesan

    Step 54

    Grab some pasta

    Step 55

    Add it to the boiling water

    Step 56

    Cooks very quickly. About four minutes, depending on the thickness.

    Step 57


    Step 58

    Add the pasta to the bowl

    Step 59

    Some parsley and pepper and you are good to go.

    Step 60

    Thank you for watching.