How to Make Pencil and Pen Holder

by Lana Salahaldin


  • Can
  • 1 Peace fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Letter stickers
  • Peace of white fabric
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Body spray
  • Fabric glue
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Paper
  • Colored pencil
  • Bobby pins
  • Clips
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This is the fabrics I use white for the base and pink

    Step 2

    With a ruler I make sure how much fabric need

    Step 3

    Then mark the ruler with marker that go of after

    Step 4

    And I rolled the white fabric around the can

    Step 5

    Her is how much I need

    Step 6

    Mark it see that black dot👆

    Step 7

    Cut it a little bit

    Step 8

    Like that

    Step 9

    To make sore that it is perfect

    Step 10

    Then with the place you marked at the ruler you can know how much to cut but make sore that you cut more one and half inches

    Step 11

    Look like that

    Step 12

    And cut it to the dot ( tap to see full pic)

    Step 13

    And make a little line ( tap to see full pic )

    Step 14

    And put it inside to make sore it's perfect 👌

    Step 15

    Put the fabric on the desk

    Step 16

    And put the white fabric on top

    Step 17

    Cut it and That is what you have

    Step 18

    I use white base cos wen i put it on the can its little dark

    Step 19

    But with white it is amazing

    Step 20

    Put on fabric glue on the white and your ether color and stick them together

    Step 21

    Till that dry draw a design to know how to put your ribbons her is my design

    Step 22

    Get your glue gun ready

    Step 23

    Glue to the can

    Step 24

    And the inside

    Step 25

    TIP: wen you glue it to the inside glue the hot glue in the fabric then press it to the can but wen you glue it to the can glue it on the can not on the fabric

    Step 26

    See that line we have to cover it with Ribbon

    Step 27

    For straight lines up on clips

    Step 28

    For that way Lin put on bobby pin

    Step 29

    If you wanna copy my design put the final ribbon under the first one and go

    Step 30

    Here is what mine look like this is horrible but I know but it is just to know that you like your design

    Step 31

    Remember the mark we made at the ruler

    Step 32

    Add half inch in the beginning and ending

    Step 33

    For this way we are doing like what we did to the fabric my English is not good and I want any one to tell me what named this way line

    Step 34

    This time do not mark it cut the small cut wen the Ribbon is on the can then cut it all

    Step 35

    Here is my ribbons ready to bee glued

    Step 36

    First glue the top

    Step 37

    I'm gonna cover that with the ribbon

    Step 38

    Here is the end sorry I didn't take the other steps cause my glue gun was having a little bit on it and it was coming out it self

    Step 39

    I don't have stickers so I'm gonna write on tape

    Step 40

    I made Line

    Step 41

    I just write on it

    Step 42

    Just cut them I put it on the ribbon but doesn't like it so

    Step 43

    I made this little bow

    Step 44

    I just put it on

    Step 45

    And this one too

    Step 46

    Step 47

    Get the left overs

    Step 48

    Cut them

    Step 49

    Glue it on the bottom of the can

    Step 50

    If yours doesn't smell bad just skip the next 4 steps

    Step 51

    Get body spray

    Step 52

    And spray the holder spray to inside too

    Step 53

    Make sure that you are not spray it from near or it will be like that

    Step 54

    If you did just rub it and you will be fine

    Step 55

    Clean that messy

    Step 56

    Finally cleaned up

    Step 57

    Now better with the pencil holder

    Step 58

    Sorry for my bad English and bad spelling and hope you enjoy