How to Make Pappardelle With Ragu

by Gioele Nunziatini

Pappardelle are nothing but a wider version of tagliatelle, however in making them I like to stress about giving them a "made by hand" look.


  • 100 Grams Flour (per person)
  • 1 Egg (per person)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Make a pit with the flour and crack the eggs in the middle (I am using 500g of flour with 5 eggs here)

    Step 2

    With a fork start whisking the eggs into the flour gradually inside out, then use your hands and knead the dough until even

    Step 3

    Wrap it in film and set aside for 15-20min

    Step 4

    After that time flatten the dough into thin sheets, I use a pasta machine for simplicity. Pour plenty of flour on both sides

    Step 5

    Using a ravioli cutter, divide the sheet into 2cm wide strips. They don't need to be regular or all the same width, that's the beauty of making it from scratch with your hands.

    Step 6

    Step 7

    Set them aside in a tray with plenty of flour so they don't stick

    Step 8

    When ready boil them in salted water for 2minutes and drain.

    Step 9

    Heat up the ragu (see how to make it among my other guides) in a large pan with 20g of butter. Pour in the drained pappardelle and sauté quickly to mix them.

    Step 10

    Plate them and add some additional ragu on top if you wish.

    Step 11

    Of course they wouldn't be complete without a dust of freshly shaved parmesan on top. Enjoy!