How to Make Paper From Recycled Newspaper

by Anika Kristiansen


  • 1 Square piece of screen
  • Newspaper
  • Blender
  • Towel or tea cloth
  • Optional leaves, food coloring or veggie scraps
  • Pan
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Tear newspaper into tiny pieces. The smaller the pieces are, the easier they are to blend.

    Step 2

    Add leaves, herbs, flower petals or any other texture adding things:) make sure to also rip these up!

    Step 3

    Add hot water and let sit for approximately 30 min. This breaks down the fibers a bit before you...

    Step 4

    Blend baby blend! Just enough so that it is smooth. To help your blender along you may need to add in quite a bit of water.

    Step 5

    Place your screen in a pan or dish and add about 3 cm of water. Then, pour your pulp smoothie on top, just enough to cover it.

    Step 6

    Take your screen out of the water and let it drip dry for about 10 min

    Step 7

    Next, lay the screen on top of a towel and fold the towel over to pat the pulp dry-- do not worry, pieces will not come off, it will remain in sheet form

    Step 8

    Next, carefully peel the pulp sheet off of the screen.

    Step 9

    Like so.

    Step 10

    Step 11

    Lay to dry on some newspaper. For speedy drying place next to a source of heat, this for me is a wood stove.

    Step 12

    When dry, use to make cards, gift tags or whatever else your creative mind thinks up! I will be using mine to practice Chinese calligraphy on for a school project. C'est toute! Bon chance!

    Step 13

    Final product