How to Make My Favorite Egg Rolls

by Dalis 💋


Step 1

The tool for my carrots...vegetable peel grater

Step 2

Salt and oyster sauce for seasoning

Step 3

Bean thread noodles

Step 4

This is the brand I like to use because it doesn't tear as easy while peeling it

Step 5

Fresh bag of carrots peeled. I like to use all of the carrots.

Step 6

Extra lean ground pork. *alternative meat would be turkey or chicken if you don't eat pork.

Step 7

This is optional but I love these in it for an extra taste. 👍

Step 8

Here's how the noodles should look after being soaked in hot water for about 15-20min (depending on how hot your water is)....soft but not soggy and mushy

Step 9

My carrots using the peeler grater

Step 10

40 peeled egg roll wraps. Make sure to not peel it too early or else the corners will start to dry up... that won't be good. I like to do this after all the ingredients are done.

Step 11

A little bit oyster sauce and lots of salt for seasoning. I apologize for not knowing exactly how much salt I put in because I just eyeball it when I salt my things.

Step 12

All ingredients together in a big bowl. In here I also added green onions and cilantro.

Step 13

Mix well

Step 14

Always position the wrap at a corner. Start with the corner in front of you first then the sides.

Step 15

Here's how it should look like

Step 16

This is how I deep fry my egg rolls.

Step 17

And there you have it! So yummy and perfect crisp! 😍😋

Step 18

Delicious inside and out. Eating it with my yummy egg roll sauce.