How to Make Money on eBay Shopping at Thrift Stores

by Vicki Pene

Thrift stores are a great place to source items to resell on Ebay. Used coffee mugs, dinnerware, even neck ties can all be bought for less than a few dollars, and turned into a nice profit!


  • A Smartphone is helpful, but not required
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Thrift stores are in abundance in most cities. Pick a couple and head on over!

    Step 2

    A great place to start is the housewares section. Here you can find mugs, figurines, dinner plates, etc.

    Step 3

    For example, I found this mug, paid about $1, and sold a short time later for this great price! Used mugs are awesome!!

    Step 4

    Look for Starbucks, these are a sure seller!

    Step 5

    Also Taylor & Ng vintage 80s mugs.

    Step 6

    If you have a smartphone you can download the Ebay app, and tap the Search icon at the bottom, then enter your search term at the top. Here are results for current Taylor & Ng items for sale.

    Step 7

    If you click the Refine button at top right you van scroll down and turn ON Completed Listings. This will show you what items actually sold and for how much. That is the information that you want!

    Step 8

    Here are the Completed Listings, prices in GREEN are what sold! High number of bids shows it's popularity! If you see a lot of unsolds in RED, it may take a bit longer for the right buyer to find it.

    Step 9

    Used men's neck ties are also awesome to sell. easy to list and ship!

    Step 10

    I paid about $3 for this tie, love that ROI!!! Again look for artists, and any novelty ties with a great theme.

    Step 11

    Of course you will need to set up an Ebay account and get some shipping supplies. It's not a huge learning curve... You could be making a nice little profit with just a moderate amount of effort.

    Step 12

    There are endless items at your local thrift store just waiting to be found! So get on out there and Happy Thrifting!

    Step 13

    My awesome in depth Thrifting Guide will be available in January for purchase through my blog One little tip from this guide could reimburse you several times over!

    Step 14

    The guide will be chock full of items to buy, brands to watch for , what to pay, how to price, when to research, etc. You will be armed with a wealth of information to hit the thrift stores running...

    Step 15

    ... and on your way to making money in this fun business!