How to Make Mom's Healthy Indian Flat Bread (Phulka)

by Neha Trehan

This looks like a tortilla. Made on a flat pan.It's healthy and light bread full of fiber eaten a lot within north Indian families.


  • 4 Cups wheat flour
  • This has to skin less wheat flour
  • 2 Tsp oil
  • Water
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Take an airtight container and pour the flour in it make a well

    Step 2

    Pour water and mix I do this with my hand :)

    Step 3

    Once it soaks up all the water put some more and mix again

    Step 4

    This is when its starting to come together

    Step 5

    Once it's done add a tsp of oil and kneed it for 5 min and put the lid on and leave it for 30 mins to an hour. Before you start put another tsp of oil and kneed it for 5 mins again

    Step 6

    This is ready and all set. Its a nice soft dough. you can save any leftover dough in an airtight container in the fridge and use it for 2 days. Make fresh phulkas whenever you want :)

    Step 7

    Put some flour onto your fingers and pull a little bit of dough

    Step 8

    Dust flour on the work surface and little on the top and start rolling

    Step 9

    Keep going !!!

    Step 10

    If dough sticks to the rolling pin or u feel that it's about to stick just put a pinch of flour on the phulka

    Step 11

    Spread it all over. The less flour u use on the phulka the softer they will be

    Step 12

    Roll it as thin as possible

    Step 13

    Heat a flat pan and put the phulka on it. The heat setting should be above medium ... Say about 8 :) not high nor low

    Step 14

    The color of the dough is changing

    Step 15

    Now it's completely changed. Flip it with a spatula.

    Step 16

    The other side looks like this

    Step 17

    Just press Sides very gently the only reason why u do this is so that all the sides touch the pan and cook evenly. Don't press hard. Be gentle :)

    Step 18

    Once it's done completely on one side flip and this Time gently press the middle of the phulka with a clean cloth

    Step 19

    It's gonna puff up. Keep pressing the sides softly till the steam fills all the sides. Don't press hard on it and take care of your fingers as the steam inside the bread gets really hot.

    Step 20

    Use tongs to hold the cloth and press the phulka gently if you are new to this. No one wants to burn their fingers :) Don't get disheartened if it doesn't puff up completely. You will get there :)

    Step 21

    When it's completely puffed up like a baloon. Put a couple drops of butter or ghee(clarified butter) with any curry on the side or make a wrap out of it. Enjoy!