How to Make Mint, Caramel,marshmallow, Chocolate Truffles

by Katie H :{D

These are super yummy. U can add almost anything in them-- nuts, m&ms, choco chips, etc. great for a Holiday treat!!


  • Caramels
  • Peppermints
  • ½ Cups Chocolate chips
  • ½ Cups marshmallows
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Put eight caramels into a bowl

    Step 2

    Put them in the microwave and melt them just until they are soft enough to mold like clay/ knead. (About ten seconds in microwave)

    Step 3

    Put the caramels in pairs of two and form each two into a ball

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Crush up some mints

    Step 6

    Make a large circular dent in the caramel balls

    Step 7

    Put some crushed mints in the hole

    Step 8

    Fold it over

    Step 9

    Knead the mints into the caramel evenly

    Step 10

    Do this to all of them

    Step 11

    Measure out a half cup of marshmellows

    Step 12

    Put them in a bowl

    Step 13

    Melt them

    Step 14

    Add crushed mints and stir

    Step 15

    Roll the caramel balls in the melted marshmellow

    Step 16

    Melt the chocolate

    Step 17

    Roll the marshmallow caramel balls in the choco

    Step 18

    Sprinkle some crushed mint on top

    Step 19

    Put them in the fridge

    Step 20

    Pull them out of the fridge when hard (I let mine sit in the fridge overnight)

    Step 21

    I had some extra chocolate so I put some m&ms in some caramel balls and coated them in choco

    Step 22

    Here's how these turned out

    Step 23

    Nom nommmmm

    Step 24

    And here's the mint ones!!! Ta da!! Now you have yummy, festive mint truffles!!