How to Make Minions With Polymer Clay

by Elizaveta Elkina


  • Yellow clay
  • Black clay
  • Blue clay
  • Grey or silver clay
  • White clay
  • Brown clay
  • Blade
  • Needle
  • Roller pin
  • Glaze for polymer clay
  • Brush
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut out a piece for minion's body.

    Step 2

    Warm it with your hands and make a kind of brick.

    Step 3

    Now take a piece of white clay and make a kind of round tablet.

    Step 4

    Attach it to your future minion.

    Step 5

    Now take a piece of grey or silver clay and roll it.

    Step 6

    Now flatten it with a rolling-pin.

    Step 7

    Cover the side of the eye with it.

    Step 8

    Cut out the part you don't need.

    Step 9

    Take a small piece of brown clay and make an iris.

    Step 10

    Now take a tiny piece of black and white. Make an apple of the eye and the light reflection.

    Step 11

    Now take a piece of black clay again and roll it.

    Step 12

    Flatten it.

    Step 13

    Cover the head of your minion and cut out the rest you don't need.

    Step 14

    Now take the needle and...

    Step 15

    ...make the mouth.

    Step 16

    Pull the upper lip up to make a place for teeth.

    Step 17

    Deepen a bit the mouth.

    Step 18

    Now cut out some teeth - white squares - and put it to the mouth. Do you feel yourself like minion's dentist?

    Step 19

    Return the lip to it's place.

    Step 20

    Now take a piece of blue clay and flatten it. Yes, it is blue. Believe me. It's the lamp who is guilty. Cut out a long rectangle for the pants and two stripes for the suspenders.

    Step 21

    Cover the minion with his future pants.

    Step 22

    Attach the suspenders.

    Step 23

    Now take two blue balls and two black balls. Flatten them a bit and your minion will get legs. Attach them.

    Step 24

    Now make two short yellow canes and two black balls - arms.

    Step 25

    Cut the balls with the blade to make fingers and connect the pieces.

    Step 26

    Give your minion arms!

    Step 27

    You see? He is glad. Now make a pocket on his chest and two black buttons.

    Step 28

    Take the needle and make jeans stitches.

    Step 29

    Now roll a very thin black cane. Well... maybe it's not the cane, but I don't know how to call it. Anyway you see the photo :)

    Step 30

    Cut it into short parts and you'll get hair for your minion. Attach it to his head.

    Step 31

    Now bake you minions in the oven. 110C degrees for 20 min.

    Step 32

    Cool them down and glaze their eyes.

    Step 33

    That is it. Thanks for watching! Enjoy!