How to Make Miniature Pancakes

by Emily Scheiderich

Simple little pancakes for magnets, charms and keychains. Make them how you'd eat them!


  • Polymer Clay
  • Clay Tools
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This guide is going to be short and sweet. Flatten balls of tan clay into various size circles or "pancakes"

    Step 2

    Use orange pastels to darken the middle of the pancakes. Avoid the edges.

    Step 3

    Something like this

    Step 4

    Mix TLS and white clay to make cool whip

    Step 5

    Plop it onto a pancake and add slices from a clay cane or a little red ball of clay with some indents on it for a strawberry. Be creative!

    Step 6

    For a stack of flap jacks, mix some TLS with yellow clay for melted butter, and stick 2 little yellow squares in the middle. For syrup, mix white glue with some brown pastels & put it on after baking