How to Make Marvellous Creations at Home With Wrapper

by Natalie L

This is a very long guide 81 pages to be exact if you cant look at it now like it now and look later😉


  • Chocolate
  • Smarties
  • Red jubes
  • Honeycomb
  • 1 Knife
  • 1 Chopping board
  • 2 Flat container 1 bigger than the other
  • 1 Scissors
  • 1 Saucepan
  • 1 Heatproof bowl
  • 1 Woodern spoon
  • 1 Spatular
  • 1 Oven mit
  • 1 Foil
  • Textas
  • 1 Black fineliner
  • 1 Pencil
  • 1 Eraser
  • 1 Gillotine(you can use scissors)
  • 1 Ruler
  • 1 Sticky tape
  • 1 Glue stick
  • 1 Peice of card stock
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First cut open the chocolate

    Step 2

    Put it on the chopping board

    Step 3

    Now start chopping

    Step 4

    Doesnt matter what it looks like try not to get big chunks

    Step 5

    Now get a saucepan and a heat proof bowl

    Step 6

    Fill this saucepan with water only a bit so when you sit the heat proof bowl it won't touch the water.

    Step 7

    Like so if the bowl is very close to touching or touching tip some water out

    Step 8

    Now take the bowl off and heat the water on low heat

    Step 9


    Step 10

    While the water is heating up put the chopped chocolate into the heat proof bowl

    Step 11

    When the water is bubbly and boiling its done

    Step 12

    Put the bowl on top! low heat all the time ok

    Step 13

    Get your oven mit because you wont be able to hold the bowl still when its hot

    Step 14

    Hold the bowl like this

    Step 15

    Contantly stir the chocolate

    Step 16

    Nearly done!

    Step 17

    Straight after all the big lumps of chocolate have melted take off we dont want to burn it

    Step 18


    Step 19

    Sorry for bad quality photos but cut the rasberry jubes into quatres

    Step 20

    Put in a tray or bowl with some smarties

    Step 21

    Now put some honey comb bricks on your chopping board

    Step 22

    chop it up

    Step 23


    Step 24

    Now in the mildly warm chocolate pour the smarties, jubes and honey comb

    Step 25

    Now mix it up with the spatular

    Step 26

    Done it looks gross😁

    Step 27

    Now in a smaller container pour the mixture in

    Step 28

    Make sure to scrape it all out

    Step 29

    Flatten it down

    Step 30

    All done

    Step 31

    Put bigger container and leave out do not put in the fridge as it ruins the texture and flavour and gets too hard.

    Step 32

    Now wash up😖

    Step 33

    Its been 2 hours now so its done

    Step 34

    Gentley push the chocolate from the bottom of the container

    Step 35


    Step 36

    Put it on bench

    Step 37

    This isn't nessasay but i thought it would be fun! continue looking though ➡➡➡ if you would like to see how to make the wrapper!

    Step 38

    Get your foil

    Step 39

    Lay a peice out

    Step 40

    Put chocolate there and measure what size you will need to wrap it up

    Step 41

    Cut if nessasary

    Step 42

    Lay chocolate in the middle

    Step 43

    Fold on side over

    Step 44

    Fold other side over

    Step 45

    On one end push down where the chocolate ends

    Step 46

    Fold the two corners in

    Step 47

    Fold the tip down a bit

    Step 48

    Now fold the flap onto the chocolate

    Step 49

    Do the same with the other end

    Step 50

    Now draw the heading: marvellous creations in this font

    Step 51

    Now go over marvellous with a black permenent texta. I forgot to take a picture but out line the heading creations with a fine liner. Erase and grey led that is showing

    Step 52

    Now get two big size zip lock pockets

    Step 53

    Cut the skinnest strip off the bottom on one

    Step 54

    On the other cut it in half

    Step 55

    Now them inside each other overlapping a bit

    Step 56

    All good

    Step 57

    Now check if the chocolate fits in if not just ajust it a bit

    Step 58

    Now where it is joined sticky tape it front and back and the insides too so when you put the chocolate in it wont get caught

    Step 59


    Step 60

    Now measure the size of the front of the zip lock pocket and cut the paper to that size

    Step 61

    Now cut another peice the same size to be the back

    Step 62

    Now put them side by side facing down

    Step 63

    Now put tape all along

    Step 64

    Fold it over

    Step 65

    Draw a crooked box arouung the heading in pink texta

    Step 66

    Now colour in the creations heading in in light purple texta

    Step 67

    In blue texta draw diagnal lines

    Step 68

    Now colour them in

    Step 69

    Now draw new! In fine liner and a star box around it

    Step 70

    Turn over to the back and in the bottom left corner write ehen it was made

    Step 71

    Now in the top left corner write what ingredients

    Step 72

    In the bottom right corner draw a barcode and the price on top😝

    Step 73

    Get a peice of card stock

    Step 74

    Cut it to size and stck down in the middle

    Step 75

    In the top right hand corner write home made by _____ you or whoever made it

    Step 76

    Now open it up and put the zip lock pocket in and sticktape it to the fold

    Step 77

    Now close the paper and sticky tape the other side shut

    Step 78

    Next put stickytape around the front and back of the bottom

    Step 79

    Same with the top

    Step 80

    Now put the foil wrapped chocolate in and zip lock it shut. It can be opened from either end

    Step 81

    You can take it out somewhere or give it as a gift! Who likes my idea? Comment below⬇