How to Make Marshmallows

by ☁️ Cloud☁️

💚Who doesn't love pillowy soft marshmallows? 💚


  • 3 Cups Sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons Gelatine powder
  • 1 ½ Cups Boiling water
  • Any essence and/or food colouring
  • Icing sugar, for dusting
  • Dab of oil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This recipe is great for people with allergies (like me😶) like egg and nuts. Vegans/vegetarians can sub. gelatine for agar agar powder.

    Step 2

    Have all ingredients out first and measure then out as you go along

    Step 3

    Any vegetable oil

    Step 4

    Icing sugar (also known as powdered or confectioner's sugar; they're all the same thing)

    Step 5

    3 cups sugar

    Step 6

    Gelatine powder

    Step 7

    Any essence and/or food colouring. I used vanilla essence and pandan essence.

    Step 8

    Lightly oil pan/s

    Step 9

    Dust with icing sugar

    Step 10

    Boil water. Haha awesome kettle right?

    Step 11

    Measure out 1 1/2 c water. Put into medium sized bowl. Add the two tablespoons of gelatine and DO NOT STIR or you'll get silly me.... When most of the gelatine has melted...

    Step 12

    Beat with ONE whisk (that's why a hand mixer is better at this stage and a stand mixer is better at later stages) until a little frothy.u might wanna hold your nose. This stuff STINKS to high heaven

    Step 13

    Put sugar into a bowl, preferably metal. Gently pour gelatine dissolved in water in.

    Step 14

    Now ya beat...

    Step 15

    ...and beat...

    Step 16

    ...aaaand beat. Don't worry there's still more beating XD...

    Step 17

    Feel the beat, yo!

    Step 18

    Keep going!

    Step 19

    Haha not over yet... When relatively thick and white...

    Step 20

    Add essence...

    Step 21

    And food colouring...

    Step 22

    Now you beat again!

    Step 23

    Beat beat beat

    Step 24

    ...until this consistency. Feel the outside of the bowl, if it's warm keep beating. Dip your fingers in the bowl and rub them together. If you can feel sugar granules keep beating as well.

    Step 25

    Pour into prepared pan/s

    Step 26

    The hot water should still be kind of warmish hot. (If not, boil another kettle of water) Leave the palette knife in the hot water to warm up. Sorry water looks yellow- auto flash was on

    Step 27

    Smooth out surface with hot wet blade

    Step 28

    Dip in again when marshmallow starts to stick to the blade

    Step 29

    Evenly distribute marshmallow gloop.

    Step 30

    Dust the top layer with icing sugar, especially the corners!

    Step 31

    (Yeah, hadn't done my corners yet)

    Step 32

    Cover with baking paper, but make sure it isn't touching the surface of the marshmallow.

    Step 33

    ...or cover with a kitchen towel

    Step 34

    Leave overnight, or a minimum of 6 hours if you don't have much time.

    Step 35

    Lesson of life: never have phone in kitchen when whipping gelatine. The gelatine got on my favourite phone case when I put it down after taking a pic :(

    Step 36

    Wait overnight... Have sweet dreams of marshmallows...

    Step 37

    Mornin' my mallows!

    Step 38

    You should be able to squish the marshmallow like this without your fingers making a hole.

    Step 39

    Dust chopping board

    Step 40

    Dip knife in HOT water

    Step 41

    While knife is warming up, get palatte knife.

    Step 42

    Gently ease the edge of marshmallow away from pan. Work your way around.

    Step 43

    When you've loosened the marshmallow, flip onto the board. Remember I said to dust well? Yep, I didn't do it very well and it stuck to the pan. That's why it's all ugly :(

    Step 44

    Dust top surface (well, top NOW, before in the pan it was the bottom) from here you can either cut out shapes with a dusted cookie cutter or continue to make squares

    Step 45

    Hot hot knife, doesn't matter if it still has water.

    Step 46

    Score lines on the top, I did 5 cuts but they turned out too big. I recommend 7 or 9 for bite-sized marshmallows.

    Step 47

    Cut as straight as possible

    Step 48

    Score another set of lines.

    Step 49

    Cut along.

    Step 50

    I made three sizes; the large ones, the medium from the loaf pan, and the small ones are 1/8 of a large one. Hehe oranges in the background

    Step 51

    Soak pan and knife in hot water. It is SO hard to wash marshmallow off when it has set.

    Step 52

    Any container, I just used the loaf pan from before.

    Step 53

    Line with baking paper for easy cleanup

    Step 54

    Pour in a little pile of icing sugar. You'd rather have less than more, trust me. I had leftover and had to chuck it out.

    Step 55

    Dip all sides of marshmallows in. Remove excess icing sugar by brushing it with your hands.

    Step 56

    When the sugar gets flattened...

    Step 57

    Lift baking paper to make it a pile again.

    Step 58

    Continue dipping

    Step 59

    Hehe oops! A clump of gelatine made its way into the marshmallow. I'm pretty sure there were others as well 😁

    Step 60

    All dipped! Don't forget to sample one

    Step 61

    Get an AIRTIGHT container

    Step 62

    Start putting marshmallows in.

    Step 63

    Baking paper in between layers

    Step 64

    The corners of the marshmallow are great for filling in gaps.

    Step 65

    Store in a cool dry place...or you can eat them all on one day and ignore your mum telling you off...and go all hyper XD

    Step 66

    Large ones will keep for about 2 weeks, smaller ones for 1 week, but they'll usually be gone by then ;)

    Step 67

    You can also pop them into a ziplock bag and freeze them (Suprisingly, they don't freeze solid; they're cold but still squishy) Frozen marshmallows go really well with ice-cream, I found out

    Step 68

    Annoying sugar on tablecloth?

    Step 69

    Just clean it up with a wet cloth!

    Step 70

    Enjoy! ☺️ Don't forget to like, follow and ask any questions you have😉