How to Make Marble Nailart

by Lyrene Dela Rosa


  • Nail polish
  • Scotch tape
  • Toothpick
  • Plastic bowl/cup
  • Water
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    1st i clean my nails and then i choose what color i want as a base coat, :-)

    Step 2

    Then i choose what color i prefer to use for my nailart :-) i prefer purple and white coz the blend is really attractive! and make sure the other one is light and the other is dark color,much nicer:-)

    Step 3

    I started to cut a tape to protect my skin for some messy nailpolish :-)

    Step 4

    This is what i did,covering up the skin and leave the nail expose :-)

    Step 5

    Covering the whole fingertips :-)

    Step 6

    Now prepare the plastic cup with water :-)

    Step 7

    Have a drop of nailpolish and let it spread

    Step 8

    Like this :-)

    Step 9

    Then drop the next color!

    Step 10

    Then another drop!

    Step 11

    Until you can create a circle!and the color is alternating ;-)

    Step 12

    Then pick a toothpick and use it to create design :-)

    Step 13

    Like this way!

    Step 14

    Until then,and i decided that it would be enough for my nails :-)

    Step 15

    Dip your exposed nail on the deisgn you want! :-)

    Step 16

    I leave it there for 5-10 sec for the design to stick it well on my nails..and i remove the excess nailpolish with toothpick so when i get my finger its not gonna be messy :-)

    Step 17

    Here is my design now :-) den let it dry for few second and remove the tape carefully! And put a top coat to make it much shinier ;-)

    Step 18

    Tadah!!! Done with my nailart :-)

    Step 19

    One more glance :-) hope you like it! :-))