How to Make Lucy's Secret Cornbread Dressing๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š

by Lucy Hudnall

The secret is how easy it really is! Shh! Don't tell. You need biscuits, cornbread, broth, fat, seasonings and eggs. The details are really just however your taste buds like it!


  • Biscuits
  • Cornbread
  • Broth
  • Fat
  • Seasonings
  • Eggs
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Let's prepare the iron skillet for your cornbread, so it won't stick...Grab your iron skillet and dump 1 Tablespoon of fat (I'm using bacon grease) into the pan.

    Step 2

    Place in cold oven. Preheat oven to 450. Again this is for the cornbread.

    Step 3

    Start out making the biscuits. I make my own. I also keep my recipe taped to inside my cabinet door for easy access. Now you can use these or canned or just plain light bread.

    Step 4

    Preheat oven to 450.

    Step 5

    Grab all-purpose flour. I keep mine in the freezer. I buy extra when they are on sale and keep in the deep freeze. I like the unbleached. It cuts down on some of the processing.

    Step 6

    Grab the baking powder. I keep this in the fridge. It won't stay loose in the freezer. It freezes up.

    Step 7

    Grab the salt. For baking I like to use the Iodized. Gotta get our iodine!

    Step 8

    Your choice of fat. This is our container for bacon grease. You can use shortening, coconut oil (my fave), butter or a cooking oil. The texture and flavor will be different to which fat you use.

    Step 9

    Dairy product. I prefer evaporated milk. But also use cream, regular milk, buttermilk or made up powder milk.

    Step 10

    Grab your fav sifter.

    Step 11

    Measure out 2 cups of all purpose flour.

    Step 12

    2 1/2 tsp baking soda

    Step 13

    And 1/2 tsp salt.

    Step 14

    Now to add the fat. Let's take a closer look at the bacon grease. When you cook up some bacon, you can pour into one of these to use later. We use in recipes to add that bacon flavor. Yum!

    Step 15

    I keep the bacon grease in the dry cabinet next to my other fav fats...coconut oil and olive oil.

    Step 16

    When lid is lifted you can see there is a strainer to allow only the fat to get through. Pour through when you pull bacon out from frying and fat is hot. Allow to cool before touching.

    Step 17

    Be sure after cools to clean the strainer so ready for next use. Now let's pull up the strainer.

    Step 18

    See the cooled bacon grease? This can be used in place of shortening or oil.

    Step 19

    We need 1/3 cup of fat and 5 1/3 tablespoons is the same amount. So add that to flour mix.

    Step 20

    Like so.

    Step 21

    With fork mash the fat into the flour. See the flour starts to create these pebbles?

    Step 22

    Keep mashing those until fine texture again.

    Step 23

    Now add the dairy...3/4 cup.

    Step 24

    Like so.

    Step 25

    Stir until all flour is moist. It will start out like this. Depending on the weather you may need more to get all to come together.

    Step 26

    Add in.

    Step 27

    Stir again. Yep there's how we want it. It will naturally come together like this.

    Step 28

    Grab your cookie sheet.

    Step 29

    And your oil mister. I love this. You fill it with your own oil.

    Step 30

    Inside the cap is a pump to allow you to spray.

    Step 31

    Place the cap and pump.

    Step 32

    Then spray the pan. This is more natural than those cooking sprays.

    Step 33

    See the ring just untightens off.

    Step 34

    Pull up the sprayer.

    Step 35

    And fill as needed with your favorite oil. I use olive oil.

    Step 36

    Now these biscuits are going straight into a dressing. So I'm make Cathead biscuits. This is where you don't roll them out you just drop them with a spoon. So grab a spoon.

    Step 37

    So drop like so.

    Step 38

    Till pan is full.

    Step 39

    Into the oven at 450 till set and brown.

    Step 40

    Now let's start on cornbread. Now remember we already started the iron skillet preheating with the oven. Leave in there until ready to pour in mix.

    Step 41

    Start with one egg.

    Step 42

    Scramble it.

    Step 43

    Need 1/4 cup of fat so I'm adding 4 Tablespoons to equal that of bacon grease.

    Step 44

    Add to egg.

    Step 45

    Add dairy product of 1 1/3 cup. I'm using evaporated milk.

    Step 46

    Like so.

    Step 47

    Mix wet ingredients well.

    Step 48

    Now get your self rising corn meal. Measure and add 2 cups.

    Step 49

    Into the wet mix.

    Step 50

    Stir well until no lumps.

    Step 51

    Grab hot skillet out of oven.

    Step 52

    Pour in the batter.

    Step 53

    Like so. And back in the oven.

    Step 54

    Check biscuits for set. Remember they don't have to be pretty because they are going straight into stuffing. Allow to cool.

    Step 55

    By the way check out my new oven mitts. They have these nice size rings attached for hanging.

    Step 56

    They are well padded to keep the heat off my hands.

    Step 57

    And they also have this silicone resistant blocks that add protection. Did I say they come from Food Network? Yeah and they come in many colors too!

    Step 58

    I seen you eyeing my hook. I loove these! It's like the over the door hooks but for cabinets.

    Step 59

    They just lift up.

    Step 60

    They gently hook on. See the inside?

    Step 61

    Nice size hook for my mitts.

    Step 62

    I also love the single hooks for my kitchen towels.

    Step 63

    My kitchen towels don't have hooks so I use the tag. Open it up....

    Step 64

    Put right on the hook.

    Step 65

    Use broth from a cooking turkey or chicken if have it. Or can use stock from giblets with onion and celery. I'm out so I keep backup canned stock. To add flavor I add one stick of butter to each can.

    Step 66

    Grab a pan.

    Step 67

    Butter in on low.

    Step 68

    Go back to the biscuits. Are they cool to touch? Great!

    Step 69

    Set up next to your bowl.

    Step 70

    Crumble up like so.

    Step 71

    While I'm crumbling biscuits, the butter is all melted.

    Step 72

    Grab a can opener.

    Step 73

    For those that are unfamiliar with these. The bottom is set up against the lip of the can.

    Step 74

    Now pull up and against the can.

    Step 75

    Like so.

    Step 76

    Now be sure to pop open both sides. If you only do one side it will glug and splash.

    Step 77

    When pop both sides it streams out quickly. Allow this to heat up and stay on low till ready to use.

    Step 78

    If your can has this on it. Labels for Education. Be sure to keep those labels.

    Step 79

    Open carefully like so.

    Step 80

    Peel back the labels.

    Step 81

    And pull off. We stuff these in a Baggie till full then drop off at our local school.

    Step 82

    Ok let's grab a fork and check the cornbread.

    Step 83

    Lay out to cool.

    Step 84

    I like fresh celery and onion with some anchovy paste. Grab what fresh seasonings you like.

    Step 85

    Grab a pan and anchovy paste.

    Step 86

    With a knob of butter. (A knob is about 2 T.) Squeeze out about an inch of paste. Now you do not have to use this. But the flavor it adds is great!

    Step 87

    Like so.

    Step 88

    Stir up well with melting butter coating the bottom of the pan.

    Step 89

    Pour in one diced onion.

    Step 90

    Grab 1 stalk of celery. A stalk or rib is each one. The whole group of stalks or ribs is called a head.

    Step 91

    Dice up the celery and mix. Allow to cook to liking of crunch. Then pour into the simmering broth till ready.

    Step 92

    The cornbread is cool. Place a plate over.

    Step 93

    One hand on plate.

    Step 94

    With oven mitt hand on handle flip.

    Step 95

    And lift!

    Step 96

    Viola! Perfect cornbread.

    Step 97

    Break bread and crumble.

    Step 98

    Mix well with the crumbled biscuits.

    Step 99

    Pour in your broth with celery and onions.

    Step 100

    Like so.

    Step 101

    Now stir well.

    Step 102

    Taste. Know where you began.

    Step 103

    Start with salt. Sprinkle on. Stir. And taste.

    Step 104

    Move on to next seasoning. I grab what I like. You grab what you like. ...Garlic Sprinkle in, stir and taste.

    Step 105

    Poultry seasoning..I know sage is in this. But I like extra sage. ;)

    Step 106


    Step 107

    Celery flakes

    Step 108

    Onion powder... Each time you add a seasoning, stir and taste. Add what you like till it taste to your liking. When you think it's good.. Holler at the picky eater.

    Step 109

    Give her a bite...wait for it...wait for it...

    Step 110

    Bam! There it is. She likes it. It is ready.

    Step 111

    Now for a binder. Grab 2 eggs.

    Step 112

    Stir well.

    Step 113

    Pour over your seasoned mix.

    Step 114

    Stir in well.

    Step 115

    Pour into 13 x 9 pan.

    Step 116

    Oven should be at 450 degrees.

    Step 117

    In the oven till set and browned.

    Step 118

    When set the dressing will pull from the sides. Like this.

    Step 119

    And your fork will come out clean.

    Step 120

    Yum! Grab the foil to cover.

    Step 121

    Cover in foil. Take to your sister's for Thanksgiving. Wash empty pan at sister's before bringing home. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy!