How to Make Latte Art

by Saint Frank Coffee

Learn how to make beautiful latte art with steamed milk and espresso.


  • Foamed whole milk with microfoam
  • Espresso pulled into a latte cup
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Steam your milk. Swirl for a good 20 seconds to make sure you've achieved a good amount of microfoam. To learn how to make perfect foam see this guide:

    Step 2

    When you start latte art, you'll want to tilt your cup to the side and hit this area right here with your foam from high up.

    Step 3

    Pull your espresso.

    Step 4

    Tilt the cup.

    Step 5

    First pour out the first 1/2 ounce of foam. It's never quite as perfect as the rest of the foam.

    Step 6

    Now pour your milk in from high above the cup. You'll use gravity to your advantage. The foam will enter into the espresso and begin to fill the cup, keeping a layer of beige espresso above it.

    Step 7

    When the cup is 3/4 full, you can start adding white foam to the top of the espresso.

    Step 8

    Move the pitcher close to the top of the drink. This gently lays white foam on top of the rest of the drink instead of pushing it to the bottom of the cup.

    Step 9

    To get the heart to turn in on itself, pull the pitcher up high again. The gravity will cause it to start to turn in on itself.

    Step 10

    To finish the tail of the heart, pull the milk through the end of the heart from a medium height.

    Step 11

    Watch how he tilts the cup, starts pouring high, then moves low to lay white foam on top of the drink, then moves high again to have gravity help turn the heart inwards. Then pull the tail through.

    Step 12

    Start with a heart. But eventually you can create intricate designs like this layered heart.

    Step 13

    Drink and enjoy!