How to Make Kracie Popin' Cookin' Donut DIY Japan Candy

by Cutie Pie Kawaii

Make Yummy Mini Donuts with Popin' Cookin' Happy Kitchen DIY Japanese Candy Kit


  • Water
  • Scissors
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Kracie Happy Kitchen Popin' Cookin' DIY Donut

    Step 2

    For Reference

    Step 3

    Inner Package-DO NOT THROW AWAY WRAPPER-You can Use this As Placemat-Open Carefully and Cut Along Lines and Set Aside

    Step 4

    CONTENTS: From Top to Bottom-L to R~~CLEAR Pastry Bag-YELLOW Cake Mix-BROWN Cake Mix--RED Strawberry Frosting-BLUE Vanilla Frosting-BROWN Chocolate Frosting--SPRINKLES-PURPLE Crunchy Topping Mix

    Step 5

    DONUT Deco Idea Card-Placemat, Spatula and Mixing Tray

    Step 6

    Use Scissor to Cut Your Tray Along Lines

    Step 7

    All Cut-You should have Water Scoop, Donut Form Mold, Icing Mixing Trays, Cake Mix Tray

    Step 8

    Use Water Scoop to Add Water to Line of Cake Mixing Tray-Should Be even with top of indent

    Step 9

    Water Even with Line

    Step 10

    Step 11

    Mix Until All Powder is Dissolved and a Doughy Consistency

    Step 12

    Cut Dough In Half

    Step 13

    Roll into 2 Balls

    Step 14

    Now Time to Make Chocolate Cake Mix for Donuts

    Step 15

    Fill Water to Line Again as we did with white cake mix

    Step 16

    Mix until all powder is incorporated

    Step 17

    Roll and DIvide

    Step 18

    You will have your 2 Balls for Choco Donuts Now

    Step 19

    Time to Make Donuts!! Prepare your dough

    Step 20

    Press Dough Into Mold of Your Choice-Be sure to leave center open

    Step 21

    Ooooh !! That turned out pretty!! My Cruller!!

    Step 22

    Repeat With All 4 Donuts

    Step 23

    Step 24


    Step 25

    Ta-Da-My Cute Little Donuts!!!

    Step 26

    Time To Make Frosting!!! Prepare your Frosting Mix Tray and Large Tray

    Step 27

    Add BLUE Pack Vanilla Frosting to One Side of Tray

    Step 28

    Add 1 Scoop of Water

    Step 29

    Mix Until Frosting Consistency

    Step 30

    Add RED Pack Strawberry Frosting Mix to Other side of tray

    Step 31

    Add 1 Scoop of Water

    Step 32

    Mix Until Powder is Dissolved

    Step 33

    Chocolate Frosting

    Step 34

    Add BROWN MIX Pack to Large Tray

    Step 35

    Add 1 Water Scoop

    Step 36

    Mix Until You have.... FROSTING!!

    Step 37

    Time to Act Like a Real Baker!! Prepare your pastry bag

    Step 38

    Scoop Chocolate Frosting into Pastry Bag

    Step 39

    Squeeze to Bottom-Twist Top to Secure

    Step 40

    Snip a Tiny Sliver Out of End of Bag where Air is

    Step 41

    Time for More Decoration!! Prepare Your Frostings

    Step 42

    Use Pastry Bag to Make Cute Faces and Detailed Decorations on Donuts

    Step 43

    You can get creative and have fun making cute decos!!

    Step 44

    Add Sprinkles and Crunchy Toppings!!

    Step 45

    Hope You Had a Super Kawaii Yummy Time!!

    Step 46