How to Make Jewelry - Crimping

by BeadFX Beads

Use crimp beads to attach clasps to the beading wire - and for a truly finished look, you can wrap a crimp cover over the crimp - I'll show you how!


  • 2 crimp beads or tubes
  • 2 crimp covers
  • 1 clasp - your choice
  • beading cable such as softflex or beadalon
  • beads! Glass, stone, crystal - Your choice!
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    These are sterling crimp tubes. Crimps are crushable beads that grab onto the beading wire. Make sure the crimps you get are sized for the wire you use - not too big.

    Step 2

    slide the crimp tube on, add the clasp, and ...

    Step 3

    double back with the beading wire through the crimp tube

    Step 4

    position the crimp in the hole in the crimp pliers that is closest to the handles (1). That hole is for crimping. The next hole (2) is for folding the crimp afterwards.

    Step 5

    Position the crimp to squeeze closed with the line between the two side of the beading wire

    Step 6

    Crush it down tight

    Step 7

    Then turn the crimp sideways and move to the next hole in the crimp pliers

    Step 8

    and squeeze carefully - the crimp should fold in half along the “dent” made in the first step.

    Step 9

    Trim off the excess wire. There is no need to thread the extra wire through the beads you string. It is just frustrating and the crimp will hold just fine.

    Step 10

    You are done! Now you can string your beads - but wait!

    Step 11

    A crimp cover will hide the crimp and make your jewelry look even more professional. A crimp cover looks like the letter C.

    Step 12

    position the crimp cover over the crimp

    Step 13

    and squeeze it closed with the same hole in the pliers that you folded the crimp with.

    Step 14

    The finished result - professional looking! Use this for necklaces, bracelets - anywhere you need to attach a clasp or closure!