How to Make Jelly Out of Store Bought Juice

by Lucy Hudnall

Spring is just around the corner. The trees will be bearing fruit soon. But not soon enough..cause we're out of jelly! This is how I make jelly out of store juice to tie us over til the plums come.


  • Canning Supplies (optional)
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Grape juice
  • Sugar
  • Fruit Pectin
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    If Canning:..Wash out last year's or new canning jars with hot soapy water. Rinse until water is clear. Like so.

    Step 2

    Super clean canning jars. If canning, need specific to canning jars.

    Step 3

    Canning pot. Can just be a pot large enough to cover your canning jars with water.

    Step 4

    Rings..these can be reused year to year.

    Step 5

    Lids: The lids have the seal and our important to preserve the food. These can not be reused. But can be bought in these small boxes.

    Step 6

    This is the lid's top.

    Step 7

    And the bottom.

    Step 8

    See the red? That's what seals.

    Step 9

    Clean these with hot soapy water.

    Step 10

    This is how to use the lid and ring. Seal down to jar.

    Step 11

    See under?

    Step 12

    On top of jar.

    Step 13

    Screw ring tight.

    Step 14

    Now we have to sterilize so there's no microorganisms. Place your lidded jar in the pot.

    Step 15

    Pour in the water.

    Step 16

    Since there is nothing in the jar, you will have to hold it down to check the water level.

    Step 17

    Place on stove. Fill unlidded jars with the water.

    Step 18

    Like so.

    Step 19

    And arrange glasses so they are not touching. The metal rack in the bottom prevents direct contact to the heat.

    Step 20

    Grab your lids.

    Step 21

    And rings. Place in the middle.

    Step 22

    All ready.

    Step 23

    Cover and turn in high heat.

    Step 24

    Now to the jelly making. We need 4 cups of juice. I'm going to use half pomegranate and half grape.

    Step 25

    Measure out 2 cups pomegranate juice.

    Step 26

    Add 2 cups grape juice. You can use any ratio of the two that fits your taste. Maybe you only want grape. 🍇

    Step 27

    Pour into pot.

    Step 28

    Cover with lid and start on low heat. 🔥

    Step 29

    Watch it carefully for signs that it has come up to heat. See the steam on the lid?

    Step 30

    Time to turn up half a notch. Low medium.

    Step 31

    See the steam start up again? But not a boil?

    Step 32

    Turn up to medium.

    Step 33

    Uh oh our jars are boiling. Boil with lid off for 10 min.

    Step 34

    When 10 min are over. Grab this. It's a jar grabber.

    Step 35

    Fit around mouth of jar and pull straight up.

    Step 36

    When all the way out, turn to pour out the water.

    Step 37

    All the water. You don't want this water in your jelly.

    Step 38

    Place on towel on counter.

    Step 39

    With heat off. Leave lids and rings in till need them.

    Step 40

    Have the lid getter out and ready. It's a long handle....

    Step 41

    ...with a magnet.

    Step 42

    Used like so.

    Step 43

    Now our juice has started to boil on the medium heat. So we won't turn up heat any higher. It may take higher for yours depending on the appliance, the pot, the juice, or just the weather. ☔

    Step 44

    Now to sweeten it up. For a guide I add 3 cups of sugar for 4 cups of juice. If that sounds like a lot for you, start with less. But the recipe calls for a cup of sugar for a cup of juice.

    Step 45

    Add in.

    Step 46

    Mix well until all sugar is dissolved.

    Step 47

    Stir with a wooden spoon with a small plate to rest on. Cause it gets messy.

    Step 48

    Now taste. Sweet enough? No? Too tart? Yes? Well add more sugar. You have to judge it by your taste. Use a clean spoon each time you dip to taste. We don't want to introduce any organisms.

    Step 49

    When the taste is to your liking. Cover and allow it to come back to heat.

    Step 50

    Now grab the Fruit Pectin. Vegan Friendly! Read the instructions to be sure. But usually it's 1 package for 4 cups of juice.

    Step 51

    Now heat up 1 cup of water in microwave till steaming.

    Step 52

    Add the fruit pectin to 1 cup of steaming hot water.

    Step 53

    Stir well.

    Step 54

    Be sure all is dissolved.

    Step 55

    When the juice has come back to boil, remove lid.

    Step 56

    Add the fruit pectin slurry. Jelly Time!

    Step 57

    Mix well.

    Step 58

    Be sure the slurry is fully incorporated.

    Step 59

    Now we will stir and check for thickness. Stir and check.

    Step 60

    Stir and check. You will notice it getting a wee bit thicker.

    Step 61

    Stir and check.

    Step 62

    Time for the plate test. Place some on plate turn to side, then to other side. See how it runs so quick? Not ready.

    Step 63

    Using a clean plate. ..check and stir..notice this time it doesn't run when turned the other way? Jelly time!

    Step 64

    Fill your jars using a ladle. Notice what a mess.

    Step 65

    I forgot to use my funnel. This handy gadget saves you from that mess.

    Step 66

    Fill it up.

    Step 67

    Grab a lid.

    Step 68

    Place on jar.

    Step 69

    Grab a ring.

    Step 70

    Place on jar.

    Step 71

    Screw ring tight.

    Step 72

    Now put back in your water. ..sealed tight.

    Step 73

    Be sure water covers entire jar.

    Step 74

    Add lid. High heat.

    Step 75

    Bring to a boil. With lid off boil for 10 min.

    Step 76

    When done. Get out with jar grabber.

    Step 77

    Place on towel on counter.

    Step 78

    This recipe makes 2 pints. You could use those cute little canning jelly jars. But our fam eats those up in one breakfast. :)

    Step 79

    Cover with towel to rest and give time to seal. Allow 6 hours to overnight to seal. You may catch it. It will sound like a short air suck then pops. I love that sound.

    Step 80

    You know it has sealed by mashing on the top. If it pops it did not seal. That will keep in fridge for 30 days. If no popping, will stay good in dry cabinet for 6 months.

    Step 81

    Grape pomegranate jelly.

    Step 82

    Label and Date the lid with permanent marker. Enjoy!