How to Make Homemade "AfterBite"

by Sage Hughes

Here is a simple, natural solution to help ease the pain and itch of annoying bug bites! If you are someone who hates harsh chemicals and wants something that really works, this guide is for you!👌


Step 1

Resist that urge to scratch! But here's the catch, Make some of my spiffy itch reliever, It will surely make you a believer!

Step 2

It's that time of the year again! Summer... And where I live there is A LOT of bugs! Mostly mosquitoes! And they are some pesky critters.

Step 3

Ingredients baking soda, water, container with lid, (optional)essential oil random orange:)

Step 4

Get the baking soda and water.

Step 5

First, put in one tbsp of baking soda, this will last a long time.

Step 6

Pour in water, slowly to make a paste.

Step 7

Not very pasty until you shake it, that'll come later.

Step 8

Add essential oil if wanted. I use lavender or orange or both! They tend to counteract each other with citrus which is supposed to awaken and lavender is relaxing.

Step 9

Close lid, Shake it up!

Step 10

Label it and store it in the fridge! Make sure you specify shake before use!

Step 11

Put it on! It is really nice smelling and works good! It'll sting if you already scratched it a bit, but still works:)

Step 12

There you go! Enjoy! -Sage✌