How to Make Healthy Almond Flour Pancakes (Easy)

by Shulay Chusan

It's healthy 🤘🏻


Step 1

Butter, 2 eggs, Cup of almond flour, 2 stevia or 1 spoon of sugar

Step 2

Crack the eggs

Step 3

Put all the almond flour in the bowl, (put the regular almond in a blender)

Step 4


Step 5

Melted butter for 15 seconds⏲

Step 6

All at once

Step 7

Whisk till even consistency you can use a spoon

Step 8

Half of spoon of butter

Step 9

use a deeper spoon, put in the middle and grab the pan in the air and spread, back to the fire for few seconds and flip the pancake

Step 10

So good

Step 11

With some maple, enjoy it 💁🏼