How to Make Hands Free Videos for Your Snapguides

by Martin Storbeck

Most guides have awesome photos, but you can really show people how to do things with a great video. This is a way you can shoot them with your hands free for show & tell.


  • 1 Glif
  • 1 Gorillapod Magnetic
  • Your iPhone
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First thing you need is a Glif. it is an iPhone stand that is equipped with a brass screw for tripods.

    Step 2

    I would recommend using a magnetic Gorillapod.

    Step 3

    Attach your iPhone to the Glif and the Glif to the Gorillapod. You're set for shooting awesome videos with your iPhone

    Step 4

    Here you can see my iPod attached with the magnets.

    Step 5

    It's great for getting a better angle than putting the iPhone on a table or some other low position.

    Step 6

    Your next cooking guid will be great as well. Stick it to the cooker hood and film your every move with the iPhone.

    Step 7

    As you can see, the Glif is even great for hanging the iPhone upside down. If however you feel nervous because the iPhone might fall, secure it with a rubber band.

    Step 8

    Looking forward to your next guides with great video tutorials!