How to Make Grilled Cheese

by Bri N


  • cheese
  • bread
  • olive oil
  • basil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    get a pan, grill, or panini press. drizzle with olive oil. set heat to medium-low.

    Step 2

    bread. rye is good.

    Step 3


    Step 4

    basil. use fresh leaves if you want to.

    Step 5

    put bread with olive oil face down on grill. bring heat down to low.

    Step 6

    press down. let it sizzle for 30 sec to 1 minute.

    Step 7


    Step 8

    im using provolone and mozzarella, but use whatever.

    Step 9

    add cheese

    Step 10

    put bread on top.

    Step 11

    press. let it sit again for 1 minute.

    Step 12

    take off grill. add mustard and horseradish if you want.

    Step 13


    Step 14


    Step 15

    thanks for watching!