How to Make Graphic 45 Double Page Layout

by Maggi HARDING

Make a double page layout with me displaying 5 photos! I've used G45's Nature Sketchbook collection for this fun 2 page spread.


  • Left page-Graphic 45 Nature Sketchbook collection:
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Wildflower Bouquet
  • Every Blooming Thing
  • Flora Fascination
  • Nature Sketchbook
  • Diary of a Botanist
  • Ephemera cards
  • Right Page:
  • Wildflower Bouquet
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Every Blooming Thing
  • Seasonal Splendor
  • Nature Sketchbook
  • Diary of a Botanist
  • Embellishments for both pages:
  • Petaloo Brian Roses - teal
  • Nature Sketchbook Decorative Chipboard
  • Monarch majesty
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Left page layout: Cut a piece 6.75 x 8.5" from Wildflower Bouquet and a piece 6 x 10.5" from Every Blooming Thing. Put the excess paper aside to use on the right side.

    Step 2

    Cut a piece at least 2" wide and 4" long from Flora Fascination. Use a scrap if you have it! Cut a piece 2.25 x 12" from Diary of a Botanist & border punch both sides. (con't)

    Step 3

    I used is EK Success Pointed Flower punch; use whatever you have or leave it unpunched.

    Step 4

    Select a 3 x 4" journaling card from the Ephemera pack.

    Step 5

    Glue the 6 x 10.5" Every Blooming Thing rectangle to a full sheet of Plant Kingdom 2.25" from the right side and .75" from the top.

    Step 6

    Cut a 5" piece from Diary of a Botanist strip & save the leftover. Cut a 5" black strip from Seasonal Splendor & center & glue as shown. Glue strip to the top & bottom as shown 4" from the right.

    Step 7

    Mat photos with cardstock or paper from the Patterns & Solids pad. Cut cardboard to fit underneath your photos and journal card to give your layout some depth. You can also use dimensional foam tape.

    Step 8

    Cut 4 circles about 3.25" in diameter from Nature Sketchbook B side. Cut one circle in half.

    Step 9

    Arrange the photos & journal card as shown. We'll glue the photos & journal in the next step. Glue the green scrap on the left as shown 1" from the left side & about 4" from the top.

    Step 10

    Glue one of the half circles on the right side as shown and then glue the photo on top. Glue a whole circle underneath the journal card and then glue the journal card and the 2nd photo.

    Step 11

    Glue the ladybug chipboard pieces on the left as shown and embellish as you like with flowers. Add a fussy cut butterfly from Monarch Majesty.

    Step 12

    Right side page: Cut two strips 12 x 2.25" from the remaining Wildflower Bouquet paper.

    Step 13

    Cut a 12 x 8" piece from Plant Kingdom and 2 strips .5 x 12" from Every Blooming Thing.

    Step 14

    Glue the red Every Blooming Thing strips to the top and bottom of the black Plant Kingdom paper allowing about 1/4" to show.

    Step 15

    Glue the 12 x 2.25" Wildflower Bouquet strips to the top & bottom of a plain sheet of 12 x 12 paper (can be any color).

    Step 16

    Glue the black Plant Kingdom so that it is centered top to bottom and overlapping both Wildflower Bouquet pieces as shown.

    Step 17

    Cut the remaining border punched strip of Diary of a Botanist in half horizontally. Cut the "Life is the Flower..." strip from Seasonal Splendor & glue the punched border (con't next page)

    Step 18

    strips to the top & bottom. Cut a piece 3.5" so that the quote "Life is the Flower..." shows & glue to the right side, 4.25" from the top, as shown. Cut another 3.5" piece& glue to the left side.

    Step 19

    Mat photos, using the same paper as used on the left page and then back with cardboard or dimensional foam tape.

    Step 20

    Arrange the photos and circles similar as shown. Mark the placement of the photos & circles.

    Step 21

    Now glue the circles in place. The 4th circle is not shown but it is glued near the left side towards the bottom. See the next page.

    Step 22

    Glue the photos in place over the circles as shown. Add a piece of decorative chipboard to the right of the bottom photo. Embellish with flowers and fussy cut butterflies.

    Step 23

    Finished 2 page layout.

    Step 24

    Completed left page.

    Step 25

    Completed right page.

    Step 26

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