How to Make Gnocchi From Scratch

by Ella Dubreuil

Do you want to know how to make and cook gnocchi? Homemade is better than store-bought!


  • Mashed potatoes (you chose how much you need)
  • 1 egg
  • Flour 1 cup
  • Oil
  • A strainer
  • Salt
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    After this step, start the water on high heat. Have enough water for the gnocchi to be able to rise.

    Step 2

    Add a bit of oil

    Step 3

    Put the mashed potatoes in a bowl.

    Step 4

    Add the egg and you can add a bit of salt

    Step 5

    Mix together

    Step 6

    Keep mixing and add the flower

    Step 7

    You might need to add a bit more flower. Make sure that the potato dough is now sticky and thick

    Step 8

    Make snakes shapes out of the dough

    Step 9

    They should be as thick as your thumb, or thicker depending how big you want the gnocchis to be

    Step 10

    Cut them into the size you want for the gnocchi.

    Step 11

    Step 12

    If the water is bubbling, we're ready to cook

    Step 13

    Put in all of the gnocchi, but one by one

    Step 14

    Give it a stir

    Step 15

    It shouldn't take too long. When they're all floating at the top, they're ready!

    Step 16

    Use a strained to remove the gnocchi.

    Step 17

    The wnd