How to Make Galaxy Nails🌌

by mary wanna

create beautiful "out of this world" nail art!😊


  • black nail polish
  • metallic nail polish
  • glitter nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • toothpick or a dotter
  • top coat
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    i used essie: beach bum blu, trophy wife, scarlett o'hara, good as gold.

    Step 2

    the black im using is essie, licorice.

    Step 3

    paint your nails black. i put two coats on but whatever you prefer.

    Step 4

    add a couple drops of the nail polish of your choice on a flat surface (i used a cd cover)

    Step 5

    dab a cosmetic sponge onto the nail polish. make sure it's not soaked, just enough to add color on your nail.

    Step 6

    pat the sponge on your nail. i used 4 different colors but you can use less. however, if you decide to do more than one color, blending is key! so blend, blend, blend!

    Step 7

    i used sally hansen: gem crush in glitz gal.

    Step 8

    add your glitter polish. you can either sponge on or paint on. i prefer to use the sponge but either works.

    Step 9

    this step is optional but you can use a dotter to add stars. drop a couple drops of white nail polish and use a dotter or a toothpick to add it to your nail!

    Step 10

    add top coat, and you're done:)

    Step 11

    please send me feedback/comments! and if you ended up doing this guide, i want to see how they turned out☺