How to Make G45 Art Journal Pages

by Solange Marques

How create journal pages with G45 supplies and a lot of texture.


  • Ghaphic 45 Mixed MediĀ a Album Ivory
  • G 45 Stampunk Debutante Deluxe Collector's Edition
  • ColorBox Graphic45 Decades inks
  • white pad ink
  • Imaginarium Designs chipboards
  • Modeling paste
  • Crackle Paste
  • Ranger Alcohol ink
  • Ranger Alcohol blending solution
  • Ranger Embossing Powder
  • Copper paste
  • Watercolor pencil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Apply modeling paste on the pages.

    Step 2

    apply crackle paste on some places.

    Step 3

    Wait to dry.

    Step 4

    Add blue alcohol ink and blending solution

    Step 5

    Add caramel alcohol ink and blending solution.

    Step 6

    Apply Color Box G45 Decades on the borders of the pages.

    Step 7

    Apply white ink pad on the pages to smooth colors

    Step 8

    this is the result

    Step 9

    Cut out some gears from G45 Steampunk Debutante Deluxe Collector's Edition.

    Step 10

    Glue them on the page.

    Step 11

    Step 12

    Apply copper paste on some places of the chipboards.

    Step 13

    Using a watercolor pencil you can highlight some places.

    Step 14

    Use a brush with water to blend it.

    Step 15

    Glue the chipboard gears on the pages.

    Step 16

    Add stickers for the title.

    Step 17

    Using a black pen you can highlight some gears.

    Step 18

    art journal pages finished.