How to Make Fun Project Using Items Ready for the Trash

by Toni Burks-Grijalva

If you take a look around your craft room there are probably many items that are ready for the trash but you just want to hold on to them. Here's a fun project I created with some of my trash items.


  • Old rusty paint palette
  • Old canvas
  • Old Packaging Materials
  • Picture Frame
  • Black and White Gesso
  • Adhesive
  • Old Paint Brush
  • *Gemstone-Blue Topaz, Rhodolite
  • *Metal Effects - Gold
  • *Velvet-Poppy, Fiji, Taxi Cab, Limeaid
  • *Velvet-Fiest, Dragon Fruit
  • *Sorbet-Ferrari, Parakeet
  • Crayolas
  • Sequins
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Here was my poor color palette. I used it for rusting my supplies. Ready for the trash but I was able to give it new life in a new project.

    Step 2

    Give your paint palette a coat of black gesso , then take your white gesso, water down a bit and splatter over the top of your color palette.

    Step 3

    Fill your little pots with the pretty paints. Allow to dry.

    Step 4

    Once your black gesso is dry it's time to fill your color palette with the pretty colors. Let dry then top with coordinatin Stickles for a pretty glitter effect.

    Step 5

    Here are all the colors that were used for splatters and fills in the palette.

    Step 6

    After your paints are dry add stickles in coordinating colors for a pretty glitter effect.

    Step 7

    I failed to photograph my canvas but give it two coats of black gesso and once dry start splattering and gobbing different colors of paints.

    Step 8

    Using Heavy Body Gel I glued down the crayolas to one side of the frame.

    Step 9

    Next let's make a shaker box for your title. I gave this little frame a couple coats of white gesso in order to cover up the base color, allow to dry.

    Step 10

    I always save old packaging materials for projects, these came in handy to create a shaker box in my frame to add sequins with my title.

    Step 11

    Print out your title, glue your packaging material to the title and fill with some sequins for a fun shaker box.

    Step 12

    Take your Metal Effects Gold and rub some on the edges of your frame and also the edges of your canvas.

    Step 13

    Add an old paint brush that is no longer useable to the bottom and glue all your pieces on your canvas and now you have a new inspirational piece for your studio.

    Step 14

    Hope you were inspired and enjoyed this project. For more inspiration visit my blog @

    Step 15

    Supplies with * in front of them are Art Anthology products and can be purchase here: