How to Make Fall Inspired Dream Life Mixed Media Canvas

by Art Anthology

This is a full step by step tutorial for Fall inspired Mixed Media canvas made with Art Anthology products


  • Flat gessoed canvas
  • Tango Velvet paint- AA
  • Kona Velvet paint- AA
  • Soliloguy stencil- AA
  • Garnet paint- AA
  • Cracked stencil- AA
  • Leaf Sorbet-AA
  • Avocado Colorations Spray- AA
  • Timeless Colorations spray- AA
  • Warm Colorations spray-AA
  • Grass Colorations spray- AA
  • Red Velvet Sorbet- AA
  • Taxi Cab Vwlvet- AA
  • Limeaid Velvet- AA
  • Glorious Colorations Spray- AA
  • Silk and paper flowers
  • Chipboards
  • Micro beads
  • Crackle glaze
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Use Lattice stencil over the canvas and cover it with half and half mix of Tango and Kona vlevet paints. Actually it was my try to make Terracotta paint that is retired and I think it worked.

    Step 2

    Spread some leftover paint to the edges. This is how it looks without the stencil.

    Step 3

    Add red paint (I used Garnet and this color is retired) over Soliloguy stencil word " Dream".

    Step 4

    Move Soliloguy stencil and cover the word Life with the same red paint.

    Step 5

    This is how the canvas looks now with both title sords dry.

    Step 6

    Add Leaf paint over the edges using AA Cracked stencil as shown.

    Step 7

    Spray with Avocado Colorations spray in the middle of the canvas.

    Step 8

    Add more spray color with Timeless Colorations spray.

    Step 9

    Add some Warm Colorations around. Please remember to dry each spray color before you add the next one.

    Step 10

    Add Grass Colorations spray as the last one over the canvas.

    Step 11

    Cut the chipboard frame into halves and paint over with Red Velvet paint.

    Step 12

    Paint the chipboard flowers with a mix of Taxi Cab, Tango and Limeaid paints

    Step 13

    Glue the chipboards and the flowers as shown and spray with Glorious Colorations all over the piece.

    Step 14

    Here is our finished canvas.Some hoghlights were added with white pen and some shading was made with black marker.Some micro beads and crackle glaze medium were added over th canvas.

    Step 15

    And here are some close- ups to the finished project.

    Step 16

    More fragments from the finished project.

    Step 17

    And more close- ups to the finished project.