How to Make Fabric Jewelry

by Myra Saludo

comfortable, and unique piece of fabric jewelry with the added benefit that it’s so easy to make that it can be “whipped up” by children and non-sewers alike.


  • - t-shirt
  • - scissors
  • - ruler (or not, if you have a good eye)
  • - safety pin
  • - thread
  • - glue (if you’re a non-sewer)
  • - trim, buttons, beads for decoration
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut off the neckline and the piece which will become the necklace. It is usually surged and will not unravel. Then cut a long 1 inch wide strip “along the grain”.

    Step 2

    That means cut from the bottom hem into the direction of the shoulder, not across the shirt. Pull the strip and it will curl along the edge giving it a finished look.

    Step 3

    With the help of a safety pin pull the string through the opening of the neckline. Voilà! It’s done. Now it’s time to decorate:

    Step 4

    The grey necklace features a piece of trim which was then sewn onto the neckline. The blue one has a simple ruffle sewn onto it. If you don’t feel like sewing at all,

    Step 5

    beads can be glued, which makes the necklace less flexible, but this way it is a hit among the younger girls:

    Step 6

    There are many ways of decorating. Use embroidery thread, buttons, beads or flowers. Sew on trinkets and tasseled trim.

    Step 7

    Use velvet ribbon, make the necklace long or short, it’s your choice, but have fun exploring.

    Step 8

    And your done Hope u guys like it :)

    Step 9

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    Step 10

    Step 11

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