How to Make Fabric Covered Buttons

by Alderrr Alderrr

To match any clothing. Especially wedding dresses!


  • Button parts (craft stores, etsy)
  • 1 Button assembly tool
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    It's really easy to make covered buttons, and not as fiddly as you would think. I found the best priced supplies on etsy. I ordered 50 half inch button parts and an assembly tool.

    Step 2

    Place fabric right side down over the rubbery, cup part of the tool. Put the button part on top and press a little. Be sure to leave enough fabric around the edges to tuck inside the button shell.

    Step 3

    Push button part all the way into rubber cup. Trim excess fabric with scissors.

    Step 4

    Use scissor tip or finger to press fabric edges inward.

    Step 5

    Place button back onto assembly.

    Step 6

    Put plastic part of tool over button back. Make sure fabric edges are still well tucked.

    Step 7

    Press! Firm circular pressure, making sure all edges have popped in.

    Step 8

    Consider crocheting some button loops.

    Step 9

    Ta da!