How to Make Embossed Messy Card and Notebook With MartaDe

by Art Anthology

Messy Embossed Card and Notebook created with Art Anthology and Melissa Frances products, by Marta De.


  • Big Shot or other manual cutting machine
  • Kalioscope Stencil - Art Anthology
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Notebook base and card base
  • Art Anthology Sorbets-Just Peachy and Trolley Grey
  • Art Anthology Velvets- Orchid and Tango
  • Stucco
  • Black Pen
  • Some paper or foam flowers
  • Melissa Frances Flea Market Finds
  • Melissa Frances wooden and chipboard embelishments
  • Some black thread
  • Art Anthology Minx - Panache
  • Art Anthology Minx - Radiance
  • Glue
  • Palette Knife
  • Some self-adhesive pearls if you like :)
  • White and black Ink SPLASH
  • Princeton little soft round brush
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut the paper about 15x15cm

    Step 2

    Put the stencil with paper into your big shot or other..

    Step 3

    And create the embossing, like you always do with embossing folder.

    Step 4

    And YES!! It works!! :)

    Step 5

    We have now beautiful embossed texture, but it's so clean, really too clean ;)

    Step 6

    Add some Trolley Grey randomly behind the texture.

    Step 7

    a little closer...

    Step 8

    Some Just Peachy here and there...

    Step 9

    When it's dry, add more texture with the same stencil.

    Step 10

    Using Stucco.

    Step 11

    Apply it throught the stencil, but don't need to be perfect. Just add some more bright texture.

    Step 12

    I really like the consistence of Stucco.

    Step 13

    Do all the same with the second piece of paper. Let it dry.

    Step 14

    Paint the metal Flea Market Find from Melissa Frances. I've painted it with gesso before ( for another project) but now decided to use it in this work.

    Step 15

    Apply first coat of Sorbet.

    Step 16

    Then, apply the second layer, a little bit thicker..

    Step 17

    Do the same with the chipboard.

    Step 18

    A little closer...

    Step 19

    Cut the paper a little bit if is needed. Prepare also the notebook base.

    Step 20

    Glue it together.

    Step 21

    Do the same with the second piece of paper.

    Step 22

    Glue it also on the card base, and we have two similar backgrounds for working.

    Step 23

    Let's see how the embellishments fits to the background..

    Step 24

    Create some flower.I have some handmade foam flowers, but you can use paper flowers if you want.

    Step 25

    Apply some Orchid Velvet in the center of each part.

    Step 26


    Step 27

    Paint the stamens with Tango Velvet.

    Step 28

    Glue the flowers together, put them on the projects, but don't glue it now. Add some doodling with black pen.

    Step 29

    That was still too clean, so I decided to add some Panache splashes. Let it dry.

    Step 30

    Paint the words with Radiance Minx. Using Wooden and chipboard words from Melissa Frances.

    Step 31

    Putt all together on the project. Add some more embellishments if you like.

    Step 32

    A little closer..

    Step 33

    I thought it's still not so messy, as I like ;) so I cretaed some black splashes with Acrylic ink.

    Step 34

    And some white also...

    Step 35

    In the end glue it all together on the projects. It's finished.

    Step 36

    Thank you for stopping by. For more details, please visit Art Anthology blog. Marta De.