How to Make Easy Speedy Microwave Poached Eggs

by Lindzi Ellis

The easiest and quickest way to cook perfect poached eggs that keep their shape!


  • 1 Egg
  • Kettle
  • Cup or ramekin
  • Microwave
  • Salt and pepper
  • Bagel or toast
  • Cling film / Saran wrap
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First get your cup, egg and cling film. I'm using a cappuccino cup, a low but deep cup is best.

    Step 2

    Cut a square of wrap and push the centre of it down into the cup, ensuring that all sides are covered and you have plenty of excess overlapping the edges.

    Step 3

    Crack your egg into the cling film, make sure theres no shell in there!

    Step 4

    Add salt and pepper if you like it, you can add it after but I like it this way, it gets the egg nice and tasty!

    Step 5

    Now carefully and gently pull all the sides of the film together, while the egg is still in the cup. Then press and twist the wrap about two inches above the egg, ensuring that it's sealed, lift out.

    Step 6

    Now add boiling water to your cup, fill it about two thirds.

    Step 7

    Now add your sealed up egg to the water, the cup shouldn't be so full that adding the egg makes water spill out.

    Step 8

    At this point you will be able to see thin parts of the egg white cook as soon as the water hits it. Final check that the egg is sealed in there!

    Step 9

    Now microwave for about 30-50 seconds on high, depending how you like your egg cooked. My fiancé likes his soft so his gets 35, I don't like it too runny so mine gets 45 seconds.

    Step 10

    If you hear the egg popping stop the microwave, it's being overcooked and will stink!!

    Step 11

    This is your poached egg! Gently lift him out of the water and set to cool for a few seconds, careful of the hot steam!

    Step 12

    Now gently unwrap the egg onto your buttered bagel or toast, careful not to break the yolk yet!

    Step 13

    There! How good does that look?! Mmmmm

    Step 14