How to Make Easy Grilled Shrimp With Asian Chopped Salad

by Anne The Pampered "Cook"



Step 1

Ingredients : 1lb raw shrimp, olive oil, 1 bag Asian chop salad, the Pampered Chef Asian seasoning.

Step 2

1 lb raw shrimp from fish market. Wash with cold water & peel. If not already deveined, do now with prep knife.

Step 3

Skins of peeled shrimp. Save for making fish stock or toss in garbage.

Step 4

Peeled & deveined raw shrimp in mixing bowl.

Step 5

Add1 Tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Step 6

Add 3-4 tsp Asian Southwest Seasoning from The Pampered Chef.

Step 7

Toss with mix n scrap until well blended/coated.

Step 8

Pre heat grill pan on Medium High heat on cook top.

Step 9

Add shrimp to pan. No need add non stick spray or oil, as the grill pan is non stick & the shrimp are coated with olive oil.

Step 10

Spread out shrimp in pan using mix n scrap spatula.

Step 11

In the mean time, prepare The Salad. This pre package salad can be found in Produce section of grocery ($3.99).

Step 12

Open Asian chop salad kit. Inside you will find its fixings.

Step 13

Open all & pour on top of salad.

Step 14

Toss with Salad Tongs. This being a cabbage based salad, let stand for a few minutes to help moisture of the leaves to be released adding moisture & flavor to the salad.

Step 15

Check on the Shrimp. They will be pink, toss / turn to cook other side for additional minute. Total cook time 5 minutes in hot grill pan. .

Step 16

They are done!

Step 17

Add shrimp to The Salad.

Step 18

Beautiful Asian Chop Salad with Grilled Shrimp.

Step 19

1 1/4 cup Serving size - 170 calories for Salad & 54 calories for 10 Shrimp. (Based on 3.5 servings) Made a side if Edamame to go with salad. Call it dinner!