How to Make Easy Apricot Jam

by Cupcakes & Crowbars ™

Apricot season is here! Canning jam is an EASY way to preserve the fresh taste of summer to enjoy when it's not so lovely outside. It's also good gently heated, to top ice cream!


  • 8 Cups Fresh Apricots
  • 6 Cups White sugar
  • ½ Cups Lemon Juice
  • 4 Pint Canning Jars
  • 4 Sets lids & seals
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Remove pits & stems from apricots, and chop. You need 8 cups chopped, about 16 med apricots.

    Step 2

    Six cups white sugar.

    Step 3

    1/2 c lemon juice.

    Step 4

    Put it all together in a large pot.

    Step 5

    Stir to combine.

    Step 6

    You'll need to get it to a rolling boil - to avoid burning the sugar or fruit, start with med-low heat & increase as you get more liquid in the pan. This is after 5 mins on med-low.

    Step 7

    After ten mins, go ahead & kick the heat up to med-high. Stir often to prevent sticking/burning. Once you reach a rolling boil, cook for an additional 30 mins.

    Step 8

    Place jars in the canner & heat to sterilize. I use my pressure canner as a water canner by simply leaving the lid off. Simmer lids in a small pan to sterilize, and soften sealant.

    Step 9

    Using a funnel & ladle, fill hot jars to within 1/2 inch of the top. Be sure to use a clean cloth & wipe any spills from jar rims. Any debris prevents proper sealing.

    Step 10

    Place lids on, then loosely screw on rims. Air needs to escape from the jars during processing, so don't tighten the rims!

    Step 11

    Boil jars in water bath canner (a regular old big pot will do, too!) for 20 mins. Make sure the water level comes at least 1-2" above the jars.

    Step 12

    Remove from hot water & let sit for 24 hours without disturbing. Smugly relish the fact that you'll be enjoying the taste of summer on a crusty English muffin after summer is long gone.

    Step 13

    If you're so inclined. Thank you for looking!