How to Make Easy Apple Cider!

by Heather Olson-Trow

Fast and simple!


  • 1 Crock pot
  • Aspen cedar spices
  • 1 Gallon Apple cider
  • Spoon
  • Ladle
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Plug in your crock pot. I'm just using a mini-sized pot because I'm only making a few cups. If you're having a party or want to make a big batch, use a full size crock pot.

    Step 2

    Pour your cider into your pot. Obviously since I'm already starting with pre-made apple cider, my spices are only going to enhance the flavor. If you want, you could start with plain apple juice.

    Step 3

    These are my aspen cider spices. They are the best! I got them on Amazon. A whole container mixes with a gallon of cider so a half container would mix with a half gallon.

    Step 4

    This is what they look like, in case you've never seen them before. They smell DELICIOUS!

    Step 5

    Since I'm using my tiny crock pot, I am just pouring in a little at a time and stopping to taste. You should experiment with how much spice to use with your juice/cider to get that perfect taste!

    Step 6

    Stir to mix. Let it get nice and warm in the crock pot, then ladle and serve! I realize this is not a fancy recipe, it is really just meant to be quick and easy for those chilly, rainy fall days.