How to Make Dragon Mixed Media Art Page

by Art Anthology

This is a Mixed Media art page tutorial made as a tribute to the Game of Thrones show/Song of Ice and Fire book


  • Mixed Media A2 cardstock
  • Lagoon Velvet- Art Anthology
  • Mermade Sorbet- Art Anthology
  • Black Leather Jacket Sorbet- Art Anthology
  • Mardi Gras Velvet- Art Anthology
  • Wimea Bay Colorations Spray- AA
  • Wild Orchid Colorations - AA
  • Siesta Key Colorations- AA
  • Plush Colorations- AA
  • Chipboards
  • Clay shapes
  • Silk flower
  • Micro beads
  • Gel medium
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Use Industrial stencil with texture paste over the Mixed Media cardstock

    Step 2

    Take the stencil off the page

    Step 3

    Add dark teal embossing glitter over the wet texture paste

    Step 4

    Add more texture around the first stencil using Art Anthology Chevron stencil as shown

    Step 5

    Add purple embossing glitter over the second stencilled area

    Step 6

    Heat emboss all over the page and you will see this texture. Don't afraid of raised areas and bubbles- this is the right texture for this page

    Step 7

    Mist Wild Orchid Colorations spray over the page as shown. Let it dry a bit.

    Step 8

    Mist with Siesta Key colorations spray as shown over the page. Let it dry or heat dry the mist.

    Step 9

    Mist all over with Wimea Bay Colorations spray.

    Step 10

    Mist with Plush spray on the edges and let the wet mist splash.

    Step 11

    Paint two chipboard circles with Black Jacket Leather paint and add some micro beads into the wet paint.

    Step 12

    Paint all clay, chipboard and metal pieces with Black Jacket Leather paint and ket them dry

    Step 13

    Paint over the edges with Mermade paint as shown

    Step 14

    Glue the embellishments cluster with gel medium and let it dry for a pretty long time.Add some copper micro beads over the page- it will stay over the wet gel medium.

    Step 15

    Add some splashes using Mardi Gras and Lagoon paints. Don't afraid to add splashes over the main dragon image.

    Step 16

    This is a finished art page and I decided to leave it without any saying or title.

    Step 17

    Here are some close- ups to the main cluster on the page

    Step 18

    Here is another view of the main embellishments cluster.