How to Make Different Knots for Jewelry/Accessory Design

by Rane Body Decor

A list of basic knots used for making knotted jewelry and accessories.


Step 1

Common materials for making knotted jewelry and accessories are: embroidery floss, cotton braiding cord, hemp and silk rattail cord. You will also need something to secure your work, such as...

Step 2

A safety pin or clipboard. I recommend a clipboard (with a ruler if possible) I also highly recommend the kind with the strait flat clip rather than the bent kind. This makes for straiter knotting.

Step 3

You may want to use other findings, such as jump rings or clasps. If you'd like to see a guide on adding those let me know! 😃let's get started!!

Step 4

Please take note that I do not tie like this generally, as you practice your hands will fall into a comfortable pattern, for the sake of teaching I tried to slow it down and clearly show the steps.

Step 5

Here's the list, ignore the arrow that's for later lol.

Step 6

Overhand: make a loop and pinch with fingers, tail end crossing over the long end. Put the tail through the loop from the back and pull tight. This is a basic knot used for beginning and ending.

Step 7

Make a loop, tail end on top.

Step 8

Put tail through loop from behind.

Step 9

Pull tight. This can be done with and number of 'strings'. To get a tight overhand knot using multiple strings, tug on each tail separately after you've tied your knot.

Step 10

Larkshead: (I sound like darth vader... Sorry lol) fold your strings, usually in half, forming a loop. Place behind the object your tying over. Bring tail ends up in front of the object and through...

Step 11

... The loop. Pull tight. This knot is usually used for securing strands to a rod or key ring amongst other things.

Step 12

Fold and create loop. Place behind the object.

Step 13

Bring the tails up and over the object and through the loop.

Step 14

Pull tight and arrange to your preference. I usually prefer this side.

Step 15

Slip knot: holding your desired SLIDING end over your fingers, make a loop over your forefinger, twist and pinch. You want the sliding end On top. Using your forefinger pull up a second loop...

Step 16

... Through the first loop, you'll make this with the sliding string. Hold the stationary string firmly pulling it away from your loop/knot. Adjust loop to desired size. This is one of the most useful

Step 17

Knots you'll ever use, but it's also one of the most difficult to explain. I have seen many techniques for slip knots but I only make them this way.

Step 18

Make a loop with sliding end on top.

Step 19

Pull sliding side partially through, making a loop and not pulling the tail end through.

Step 20

Pull the stationary string tight and adjust as desired.

Step 21

Forward knot: with your left string cross over and in front of your right string, this is usually referred to as a '4'. Bring the tail end behind and through the space created between the two strings.

Step 22

Pull up and to the right. This knot is usually done in sets of two in order to create a 'full' forward knot. Backward knots are done in the exact reverse.

Step 23

Cross left over right.

Step 24

Put tail end under right string and through space.

Step 25

Pull up and to the right, repeat Once for a full forward knot.

Step 26

A loose picture to show how it wraps around.

Step 27

Backward knot: exact reverse of a forward knot. Right over left.

Step 28

Under and through.

Step 29

Pull tight up and to the left. Repeat once for a full backward knot.

Step 30

There are also two knots used in macramé style knotting called a forward backward knot (fbk) and a backward forward knot (bfk). These are fairly self explanatory. Using the same string, you would make

Step 31

One half of a fk and then one half of a bk. one half being a 'single' knot instead of the 'full' knot you create when you usually make a fk or bk.

Step 32

I hope this helps you in all of your accessory making endeavors! Let me know if there are any other knotting tutorials you'd be interested in seeing! Thanks for viewing!! 😄