How to Make Delicious Home-Made Pasta

by Laurence Jost


Step 1

The recipe is easy: per 100 g of flour take one egg. You can roughly count 100g flour per person. The pasta is only as good as the eggs so search for quality.

Step 2

Sieve the flour on a clean surface and make a circle.

Step 3

Add the eggs to the middle and take a fork at hand.

Step 4

Here is a short video on how i'am making it by hand. You have to be careful not to overboard with the egg :) Sometimes I manage; sometimes not...

Step 5

After the dough is not liquid anymore continue without the fork and only your hands. This is a midway picture.

Step 6

If it is a little dry just wet your finger with water and shake them well. You want just a tiny amount of water left. The bit of water on your fingers is enough to make the dough perfect.

Step 7

When the dough is ready it will be quite firm and the work surface will be almost clean. For those of you lucky enough to have a KitchenAid or similar, making the dough is super easy!

Step 8

Here a video to show you the final consistency a bit better. The dough is really tough but smooth.

Step 9

Wrap it in cling film and put it in the fridge for an hour ( more or less, depending on how hungry you are).

Step 10

This is the machine I use. I really like it and it works well for me. Recently I tried a different one and was very disappointed. If the machine works well the pasta is done in 10 minutes.

Step 11

That's how it looks fixed on my work space.

Step 12

Take the dough out of the fridge and separate a small portion. Here I had 300 g of flour with 3 eggs and took a third for the first round.

Step 13

Start with the widest setting on the machine (number 1 on mine) pass the dough through, fold it, pass it through etc. do this at least 6 times. It does not need to look pretty yet :)

Step 14

On settings 2 and 3 folding 3 times is enough. On the even higher settings just pass it once and continue with next setting.

Step 15

This is setting 4 you can see how the dough gains in length.

Step 16

That's the dough after the thinnest setting (9) depending on which pasta you make you don't need it that fine.

Step 17

Cut the pasta as you like or use the supplied cutter for spaghetti ( I wanted really wide pasta!)

Step 18

You can hang the pasta to dry wherever you like :)

Step 19

Here a quick way to add intensive flavor. Make the dough the thickness you like.

Step 20

Add some herbs (not too hard ones, like rosemary). I used sage but basil works great, too.

Step 21

Fold the other half over the herbs and run it through the machine on the same setting you had before.

Step 22

And you have pasta with added herbs.

Step 23

You can additionally powder the pasta with flour and create little nests.

Step 24

Those can be put in a ziplock or other container and frozen. When you want quick fresh pasta just drop them directly in boiling water. You will have pasta ready in 1 minute.

Step 25

For fresh or frozen pasta have a big pot of boiling, salted water ready.

Step 26

Dump the pasta on and wait 1-2 minutest ( depending on amount and thickness). When they float, they're ready!

Step 27

Get rid of the water and add them to your sauce or whatever you like.

Step 28

I had them with a traditional Bavarian pork roast (guide is coming up).

Step 29

Enjoy you new pasta skills. Once you master the dough its easy to make ravioli and tortellini too and they taste so much better home-made!