How to Make Decorative Christmas Tree Cones

by Lindsay Roberts


  • 3 Thin cardboard boxes
  • Hot glue
  • 1 Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Ribbon
  • 2 Pieces of garland
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This guide is fairly long because it shows how I made all three of them. Just a fair warning 🙊

    Step 2

    Basic cone shape: This is the large cone which used a 24 can soda box. The medium and small cones were both made from cereal boxes (one value/family size, and one regular sized)

    Step 3

    Cut box open to lay flat and cut off all tabs

    Step 4

    Begin rolling the cardboard at an angle from the top corner

    Step 5

    Wrap the cardboard around so you have the cone shape

    Step 6

    When you have a circumference to your liking tape the cardboard together

    Step 7

    Trim the excess around the bottom

    Step 8

    It won't be perfect the first time

    Step 9

    Keep trimming until it sits straight and level

    Step 10

    Like this

    Step 11

    All three cones constructed

    Step 12

    Large cone:

    Step 13

    Hot glue the ribbon around the tip of the cone. Then cut the ribbon where the ends overlap slightly (this part not shown in video)

    Step 14

    Cut a trapezoid shaped piece of ribbon (measured by wrapping around the next section of the cone)

    Step 15

    Glue down the next piece of ribbon overlapping the last placed piece slightly and overlapping the ends. (Sorry about the video I was by myself when I made these)

    Step 16

    Keep gluing down bigger and bigger trapezoid shaped pieces of ribbon keeping a fairly straight line down the back

    Step 17

    When you get to the bottom it will look like this

    Step 18

    Fear not: just add one final piece of ribbon

    Step 19

    So it will look like this

    Step 20

    Fold the ribbon to the inside of the cone and hot glue it down

    Step 21

    It doesn't have to be perfect, you won't see it. Just make sure the ribbon is pulled tight enough so that it still stands straight when upright.

    Step 22

    I primed my other two cones so the cardboard couldn't be seen through the decoration.

    Step 23

    Medium cone:

    Step 24

    Glue the end piece of the garland at an angle at the tip of the cone

    Step 25

    Wrap the first piece of garland around the cone and glue down the end

    Step 26

    Line up the next piece of garland with the first and glue down an end piece.

    Step 27

    Wrap it all the way around and glue down the end at the bottom of the cone

    Step 28

    Fluff the garland, and you're done.

    Step 29

    Small cone: You will need at least 2 different colors of pipe cleaners for a striped look.

    Step 30

    Glue the end of a pipe cleaner at the bottom

    Step 31

    Place dots of glue all the way around the bottom. This part is extremely important so that the entire pipe cleaner is secured at the bottom (otherwise it would slip off at parts)

    Step 32

    Repeat with the second and third pipe cleaner

    Step 33

    Again placing dots of glue all the way around

    Step 34

    Make sure the pipe cleaners are right up next to each other all the way around or you might get angled stripes or open spaces.

    Step 35

    After five pipe cleaners switch colors

    Step 36

    You'll get to a point where the pipe cleaners are longer than the cone simply cut off the ends

    Step 37

    After five, switch colors again. Remember to put those glue dots all the way around!

    Step 38

    This was the most time consuming one. P.s. The top stripes were mostly made from the trimmed ones from near the middle

    Step 39

    Display as you like!

    Step 40

    Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment and or ask questions 😺