How to Make Cream Cheese Wontons

by Sheri Hamilton


  • Chicken breast tenders or any chopped chicken.
  • Cream cheese, plain or flavored.
  • Wonton wrappers.
  • Deep fryer.
  • Fresh garlic.
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I used frozen fully cooked chicken breast strips.

    Step 2

    I sautéed the chicken with fresh minced garlic until warm.

    Step 3

    I had spinach artichoke cream cheese.

    Step 4

    I chopped chicken using a food processor and then added the cream cheese.

    Step 5

    Stir until completely mixed.

    Step 6

    Step 7

    Place spoonful of mixture on he wonton wrapper.

    Step 8

    Fold in half. Can use water to help seal it.

    Step 9

    Curl the wonton,just bend at the center.

    Step 10

    Step 11

    Put the in deep fryer 2-4 minutes until lightly browned.

    Step 12

    Step 13

    Step 14

    Step 15