How to Make Coffee - Old School

by Joseph Feiertag

I found this Vintage Pyrex Glass percolator at a local thrift store for 6 bucks. My parents had one of these when I was a kid. Before drive thru's, Keurig, and drip makers, there was the old stand by.


  • Percolator
  • Your favorite coffee beans
  • I like Peet's whole bean coffee
  • Water
  • Cream and sugar
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Step 2

    I like to grind beans fresh for each pot of coffee.

    Step 3

    Rule of thumb for percolator coffee to beans is one scoop (1 heavy tbls) per cup. A cup of coffee is actually 6 ounces of water.

    Step 4

    With this grinder, I found using the smallest pot setting and coarsest setting works well with this coffee maker.

    Step 5

    Ready for the ground beans.

    Step 6

    You can still find paper filters for percolators. It makes for easy clean up. I did not use one for this Snapguide.

    Step 7

    Cover the perk tube to put the coffee into the brew basket. This pot, 6 cups, 6 scoops.

    Step 8

    The finer ground coffee will drop out of the brew basket. This is ok, tap the brew basket lightly to shake loose more fine ground coffee. That's why course ground coffee works well with this pot.

    Step 9

    I store all unused ground coffee beans in ball jars and keep them in the cabinet.

    Step 10

    Fill coffee pot with cold water.

    Step 11

    Place percolator brew basket into pot.

    Step 12

    Place diffuser on top the brew basket.

    Step 13

    Place the lid on top. It's ready for the stove.

    Step 14

    Place on stove and bring to boil.

    Step 15

    Bring to a boil.

    Step 16

    When the water starts to boil, it bubbles up through the tube and bubbles out over the diffuser and drips through the coffee beans.

    Step 17

    Step 18

    Turn the heat or the flame down to the lowest setting. Simmer. Make sure that coffee is still perking up through the tube and over the beans. Set a timer for 8 minutes.

    Step 19

    After 8 minutes turn off the heat. Let rest for a minute to let the coffee drain out of the brew basket.

    Step 20

    Remove the brew basket and perk stem from pot. Be careful, this is hot!

    Step 21

    This coffee takes about 20 minutes to make from beginning to end. If you are in a hurry dashing off to work, this might not be for you.

    Step 22

    If you have time to sit & enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be, this is for you. Relax, enjoy and sit back in your favorite easy chair or chill out with the morning paper on the patio. Enjoy! ☕️