How to Make Children's Hour Storage and Mini Album W/ G45

by PL Li

Making own storage is always the best. Beautiful patterns and from Graphic 45 “Children’s Hour” are the most suitable for me on this project, storage and a hidden mini album.


  • Graphic 45 Children's Hour 12x12 Paper Pad
  • Graphic 45 Children's Hour Chipboard Element
  • Chipboard
  • Cardstock
  • Punches
  • Assorted Ribbons and Lace Trims
  • Pin
  • Scouting Pad
  • Paper Flowers
  • Assorted Beads
  • Acetate
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    For Basement: cut chipboard 1pc 6-1/2"x10-1/2", 2pcs 1-1/2"x10-1/2" and 2pcs 1-1/2"x6-1/2"

    Step 2

    Use connecting strips to form the drawer.

    Step 3

    Cut chipboard 2pcs 6-7/8"x11", 2pcs 1-7/8"x11 and 1pc 1-7/8"x6-7/8"

    Step 4

    Use connecting strips to form into shape, the drawer can easily put inside.

    Step 5

    For the ground floor (the playhouse): cut chipboard 1pc 6-1/2"x8", 2pcs 4"x8" and 2pcs 6-1/2"x4"

    Step 6

    Use connecting strips to form the playhouse, left one side to be the front as shown.

    Step 7

    Cut chipboard 2pcs 6-7/8"x8-1/2", 2pcs 4-3/8"x8-1/2" and 1pc 6-7/8"x4-3/8"

    Step 8

    Use connecting strips to form into shape, the playhouse can easily be put inside.

    Step 9

    For the mini album on the first floor: cut chipboard 1pc 2"x6-1/2" and 2pcs 8"x6-1/2"

    Step 10

    Ready cardstock 2pcs 7-1/2"x9", left 1/4" between chipboard and connect them as shown, fold excess and adhere.

    Step 11

    Mat the cover and the back of the album with pattern paper of 7-1/2"x6" each.

    Step 12

    Cover the album binding section with paper of 4"x7-1/2"

    Step 13

    For the inside of the album, cover the binding section with cardstock of 4"x6"

    Step 14

    Cover the inside cover and the back with pattern paper of 7-1/2"x6"

    Step 15

    Ready the flaps for album pages: 1 each of cardstock 6"x1-/2", 6"x2" and 6"x2-1/2", fold 1/2" from both left and right of the cardstock to form the flaps, as shown

    Step 16

    Adhere the flaps together and stick it on the binding section of the album.

    Step 17

    Adhere 6 pages of 6"x7-1/2" on the flaps, leave it aside for future decoration.

    Step 18

    For the top floor drawer: cut chipboard 1pc 6-1/2"x8", 2pcs 2"x8" and 2pcs 2"x6-1/2", then use connecting strips to form into drawer shape.

    Step 19

    Ready 2 set for the top and first floor: chipboard of 2pc 8-1/2"x6-7/8", 2pcs 2-3/8"x8-1/2" and 1pc 6-7/8"x2-3/8"

    Step 20

    Use connecting strips to form into shape and the 2 sets would be perfect for the mini album and the drawer.

    Step 21

    Cover the front and the back of the playhouse with pattern paper of 5"x9", don't adhere to the base for the front, otherwise you cannot open and close freely.

    Step 22

    Cover the sides with pattern papers of 6-1/2"x5"

    Step 23

    Cover the inside floor with pattern paper of 4"x8"

    Step 24

    Cover the inside front and the back with pattern papers of 4"x8"

    Step 25

    Cover the sides with pattern papers of 6-1/2"x4"

    Step 26

    Cut out window with whatever size you like.

    Step 27

    For the top floor drawer, cover the front and back with pattern papers of 7-1/2"x3"

    Step 28

    Cover the sides with pattern paper of 8"x3"

    Step 29

    Cover the inside with pattern papers using the same sizes of the chipboards.

    Step 30

    For the basement drawer, cover the outside with pattern papers of 2pcs 2-1/2"x11-1/2" and 2pcs of 6-1/2"x2-1/2", then cover the inside with the same sizes of the chipboards.

    Step 31

    Adhere the ground floor, first floor and the top floor together.

    Step 32

    Cut pattern paper strips of 1" width to cover the edges.

    Step 33

    Same as all the horizontal edges.

    Step 34

    For the basement, cover with the pattern paper strips the same of 1" width.

    Step 35

    Then cover with pattern paper of 2-1/2"x12" as shown.

    Step 36

    Adhere all the part together.

    Step 37

    Cover the sides of the building with cardstock of 12"x9" as shown.

    Step 38

    Cover the top of the building with pattern paper of 7"x9" as shown.

    Step 39

    Cover the corners with punched pattern papers of around 1-1/2"x8", or whatever you like to decorate it.

    Step 40

    Now go to ready the front board for all floors: chipboard 2pcs 7"x2-1/2", 1pc 7"x4-1/2" and 1pc 7"x2"

    Step 41

    Cover all with pattern papers, in order to use the same pattern paper of only 12", here the paper measurement: top and the first floor 8"x3-3/8", ground floor 8"5-1/4" and the basement 8"x3"

    Step 42

    Adhere ribbon handles behind the front boards (except the ground floor, I didn't use the ribbons on the ground floor later), then adhere all on the front of the drawers, mini album and the playhouse.

    Step 43

    OK, now is your turn to decorate the building. Here I used the stamp patterns cut out from Graphic 45 papers for the windows, then use the cardstock scraps to decorate the sides, they are 1-3/8" width

    Step 44

    Here the windows I used cardstock as well, you can of course make another style.

    Step 45

    Go to the garden on the ground floor, here you can follow the sizes as shown which is 1" height, or other sizes of your choice.

    Step 46

    Use connecting strips to connect.

    Step 47

    Cover the garden with cardstock, apply colors on the chipboard edges.

    Step 48

    Adhere the garden on the front of the ground floor, you can add a few fussy cuttings behind.

    Step 49

    Cut chipboards 2"x1/2" for the top and bottom of the window, chop the corners, adhere 2 by 2. Then ready the acetate of 1-1/2" height, measure the chipboard and score the acetate to match.

    Step 50

    Cover the chipboard with pattern papers and then adhere the acetate on as shown, I use Scor-Tape here, strong enough.

    Step 51

    For the stone on the garden floor, I hand cut chipboard into tiny piece in random shape.

    Step 52

    Then color them by using just the Distress Ink, with whatever brown you like.

    Step 53

    Here for the grass, it is amazing, just cut a thin layer from scouting pad and stick onto the garden, you can put one or two layers.

    Step 54

    Close up for the garden with the stones and grass.

    Step 55

    On one side of the playhouse, use cardstock scraps and color them to make the trellis, with those fussy cut flower and butterfly to decorate.

    Step 56

    Die cut shapes for dining table feet, double the chipboard to make it stronger.

    Step 57

    Cut table top from chipboard

    Step 58

    Cover with pattern papers.

    Step 59

    Adhere part together to form the table, use a small piece of chipboard in the middle to hold them in place.

    Step 60

    For the chairs, ready chipboard for the back, the seat and the feet, the tiny ones are for hold them in place.

    Step 61

    Cover one side of the seats with cotton.

    Step 62

    Trim and cover with pattern papers as shown.

    Step 63

    Cover the parts with pattern papers.

    Step 64

    Adhere the feet on the bottom of the seat with the tiny piece for holding them. Adhere the back on it as well.

    Step 65

    Die cut shapes for the sofa, cut the top part for the sofa back, the lower part for the seat.

    Step 66

    Glue them into shape

    Step 67

    Step 68

    Glue them into shapes and adhere pattern papers on the fronts, color the edges.

    Step 69

    Adhere papers at the back and sides, color the edges.

    Step 70

    Adhere on beads as feet for the sofas, if you would like to have a fluffy seats, cut chipboards and do the same as what you did for the dining chairs.

    Step 71

    I know there are a lot of steps, here you turn to decorate the building.

    Step 72

    Fussy cut some flowers for the windows.

    Step 73

    Use the cardstock scraps to make the door, add strips pattern cut out from papers for the garden fence.

    Step 74

    Use paper flowers or fussy cut flowers to decorate your garden.

    Step 75

    Use a corkboard pin to be the flower pot, fussy cut leaves and strawberries, fussy cut bear as window display.

    Step 76

    Although the top floor and the basement are only around 2" high, but they are good enough for storing, may be like hairbands.

    Step 77

    If you like just to have storage, make one more drawer for the first floor which is the same size as the top floor.

    Step 78

    You can have dimensional decorations on the front of the mini album, but no too much.

    Step 79

    Here in my album is just pages, of course you can add flip pages, pockets or more.

    Step 80

    Apply on the edges which enhances the dimensional of your project.

    Step 81

    You can also not to make the playhouse, make a drawer instead for more storage.

    Step 82

    Use something from your house to help the bear stand up, I use foam here.

    Step 83

    Fussy cut flowers and butterfly for your garden, you can cut more for a great and happy look.

    Step 84

    Cut 2 or more layers of scouting pad to make the grass, hand tear out would be great too.

    Step 85

    You can buy miniature furniture instead, if you don't want to make it on your own.

    Step 86

    A dining table, 4 dining chairs and 2 sofas.

    Step 87

    Use Graphic 45 chipboard elements as picture frame on the wall, I added here two beads as wall lamps.

    Step 88

    Think of more and utilize the chipboard and paper scraps, make more furniture like coffee table.

    Step 89

    You can use other method to make the table and chairs, like use wire.

    Step 90

    Another wall with sentiments and fussy cut flowers.

    Step 91

    Here the back of the house, you can decorate with flowers and windows.

    Step 92

    Trellis with flowers on one of the outside wall.

    Step 93

    Close up on the trellis.

    Step 94

    Step 95

    If you don't have the dies, just search them on Pinterest, there are a lot tutorial for diy furniture.

    Step 96

    Close up on the front of the basement drawer.

    Step 97

    You are so great if you've gone through all the steps until this 97 of 97, thank you so much and enjoy!!!