How to Make Chicken Wings

by Angie Espinoza



Step 1

I get these party wings all ready, you can also get the wings pack and just cut them Into "wing" pieces.

Step 2

Get all your seasonings ready! Garlic salt, a pinch of rosemary leave (crush them good or use fresh rosemary), paprika, AND the most important is Goya sazón seasoning, find in the "Latin" aisle.

Step 3

Put all chicken in a baking dish, I like to use parchment paper so that they don't stick, also drizzle olive oil on the wings before seasoning.

Step 4

Rosemary, crush it

Step 5

Oh yea I also added Tajin, just a few dashes!

Step 6

Mix all seasonings and mix wings, then pour some Tapatio on the wings!

Step 7

Put in oven and bake for 45minutes, after the first 20 minutes, flip wings over.

Step 8

TADA! They are ready!