How to Make Cherries on the Loom

by ❤️vanillaa sweetened❤️

I hope you enjoyed this guide! Comment what else you want me to make!


  • 1 Hook
  • 1 Loom
  • 13 Red Bands
  • 1 Green Band
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Today I will be showing you how to make cherries on the rainbow loom! Check supplies to see what you need. (Aha there are a lot of steps but it's not as hard as it looks!)

    Step 2

    Take 1 green band and place it going forward in the center. Make sure your arrow is facing upwards.

    Step 3

    We will be using two (2) bands for the rest of this cherry. Place them as shown.

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Step 6

    Step 7

    Step 8

    Step 9

    Now turn your loom around, so the arrow is facing downwards.

    Step 10

    Take 1 band and wrap it around your hook 4 times.

    Step 11

    Then put it on the 3rd peg in the middle.

    Step 12

    Now loop the first two bands under the cap band towards the left.

    Step 13

    Go back under and grab the other two bands.

    Step 14

    Now loop the sides up.

    Step 15

    Loop the left side towards the middle.

    Step 16

    Now loop the right side toward the middle.

    Step 17

    See that green band? You wanna grab it with your hook.

    Step 18

    Go under all those red bands and get a hold of it.

    Step 19

    Then pull it through back where you came from!

    Step 20

    Take that green band underneath the top one.

    Step 21

    And pull it over.

    Step 22

    Gently pull the green band that is on the peg! You can now take it off. :D

    Step 23

    It should look like this when it is off the loom. If you have some loose bands sticking out, pull on the cap band.

    Step 24

    I made two cherries to have them connected together. Repeat steps 2-22, then continue on.

    Step 25

    Put both cherry stems on your hook.

    Step 26

    Pull the 2nd stem over the one in front of it. Then take the stem that is still on the hook and pull it over the cherry it is attached to. ( sorry no picture!)

    Step 27

    It should look like this now.

    Step 28

    You can now pull on the two cherries and then you're done!