How to Make Basic Knots for Friendship Bracelet

by Elizaveta Elkina


Step 1

To make the bracelet you'll need yarn, a clip and a note book. For the Rhomb bracelet you'll need 16 threads: 4 blue/black, 4 green, 4 yellow and 4 red.

Step 2

Make a knot and a braid 5 cm long. You'll need to make another one later to finish your bracelet.

Step 3

Attach the yarn to the note book. It will make your work easier. Then put the threads in the right order. This is the order for Rhomb bracelet.

Step 4

This knot is called the left knot. It is usually shown as a left arrow on the scheme.

Step 5

Tighten it up.

Step 6

Make the same knot again using the same threads. You'll get double knot (in the photo). Notice that the threads changed their places.

Step 7

4 double left knots.

Step 8

This is the right knot ( = right arrow on the scheme).

Step 9

Tighten it up...

Step 10

...and make the same one again using the same threads - double right knot. Make another 3 double right knots to finish the first row.

Step 11

This is the scheme of the Rhomb friendship bracelet. I've found it in the Internet. Actually you can do any bracelet you want if you know the knots.

Step 12

This is my half-finished Rhomb friendship bracelet. Thanks for watching my guide!