How to Make Artisan No-Knead Bread

by Anne The Pampered "Cook"


  • All Purpose flour
  • Salt
  • Instant active yeast
  • Water
  • Seasoning (optional)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    The Basic Recipe

    Step 2


    Step 3

    3 cup level all purpose flour

    Step 4

    1 1/2 tsp Salt

    Step 5

    1/4 tsp instant active yeast

    Step 6

    (Optional) At this point you can add any "seasoning" to you dough. I chose to go with Pampered Chef's Lemon & Rosemary.

    Step 7

    1 Tbsp of seasoning of choice if you choose to. Again this step is optional.

    Step 8

    1 1/2 cup warm tap water

    Step 9

    Ready to be mixed. I like using my Mix N Scrap spatula. It doesn't over work the dough.

    Step 10

    Mixing & coming together as a sticky dough.

    Step 11

    Complete & formed into a ball.

    Step 12

    Cover with plastic wrap & let rest on counter top at room temperature for at least 12 hours, preferably about 18 hours.

    Step 13

    The dough is ready after 12+ hours of resting. Note the surface is dotted with bubbles.

    Step 14

    Liberally flour work surface with flour.

    Step 15

    Place dough on floured surface.

    Step 16

    Sprinkle with a little more flour. It now ready go be folded over on itself 3-4 times.

    Step 17

    1st fold, take one end & fold on top of the other side.

    Step 18

    Perfect! Now do that with the other side.

    Step 19

    Just like this... Folding, NOT kneading.

    Step 20

    Great! Your almost done.

    Step 21

    Do that 2 more time from the other direction & you get this. One folded bread dough.

    Step 22

    Now in same bowl, pray with non stick spray. I like using my Pampered Chef Kitchen Spritzer. I use canola oil in it & it's all natural.

    Step 23

    Place dough into bowl & with plastic wrap again. Now the dough will rest for an additional 2 hours before heading into the oven.

    Step 24

    Second rise of dough after resting for 2 hours. As you can see its doubled in size. It's now ready for the oven.

    Step 25

    Pre Heat Oven to 450 degrees.

    Step 26

    Place EMPTY Deep Cover Baker by The Pampered Chef into hot oven. You can also use a Dutch Oven.

    Step 27

    Set timer for 30 minutes. This heats the baker & gets it piping hot like a stone oven.

    Step 28

    See that steam? This bad boy is HOT & ready to bake some bread.

    Step 29

    Add some olive oil ~2Tbsp to baker & brush around evenly. I like using the Silicone Brush from The Pampered Chef.

    Step 30

    Add the dough. You can even brush a little oil on top if you wish.

    Step 31

    Back in the oven at 450 Degrees with Lid ON for 30 minutes cook time.

    Step 32

    Take lid off after 30 minutes & cook for 5-10 min more to "brown" the bread some.

    Step 33

    Done! Enjoy warm with olive oil dipping sauce.