How to Make and Do Henna Art

by Gretchen Fitzpatrick

How to make Henna Paste and do a simple design.


  • Cups Henna Powder
  • Tablespoons Essential Oils
  • Tablespoons PURE Lemon juice
  • Tablespoons Sugar
  • Cellophane Cones
  • Scotch Tape
  • Cheese cloth or nylon to strain
  • bowl and spoon
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Supplies: Jamila Henna Powder, Pure Lemon Juice, Essential oils and Sugar, Large cone and small henna cones

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Cheese cloth or a nylon can be used to strain the henna paste.

    Step 4

    I use a stainless steal bowl so it doesn't get stained

    Step 5

    1/4 cup henna powder

    Step 6

    1 tsp of 2 essential oils, I used lavender and tea tree

    Step 7

    1 tsp of sugar or fructose. Then stir until smooth.Cover with saran wrap, pressing it to the paste. Let sit in a warm location for 24-48 hours.Test on skin to see if it leaves a bright orange stain.

    Step 8

    Once ready scoop the henna paste into a strainer of some kind, either the cheese cloth or a nylon.

    Step 9

    Bundle up the cheese cloth the place it inside the large cone.

    Step 10

    squeeze the paste through the cloth into the cone.

    Step 11

    Throw away cloth and get the air out of the cone.

    Step 12

    Step 13

    Here I have a cake decorating bag full of Henna Paste.

    Step 14

    Cut the end and squeeze a small amount of Henna into the tip of the small henna cone.

    Step 15

    Push the henna paste all the way to the tip of the cone, getting any air out.

    Step 16

    Continue filling the cone. Fill about 3/4 of the way.

    Step 17

    flatten the top getting any air out and place tape across the opening.

    Step 18

    Then fold one side in at an angle.

    Step 19

    Then the other side in at an angle to create a triangle.

    Step 20

    Roll from the top down of the triangle until there is pressure in the cone.

    Step 21

    Tape it

    Step 22

    Finished Cone. Henna should always be stored in the freezer when not being used to preserve color and freshness.

    Step 23

    To use your cone. Cut a little bit off the tip. The bigger the cut the bigger your lines will be.

    Step 24

    my subject for henna. I have cleaned the surface where the henna will go.

    Step 25

    starting with a swirl.

    Step 26

    Step 27

    Step 28

    Step 29

    Step 30